Letters 11-11-2013

Commerce needs airport Stumped by neglect Buried treasure Dud after dazzle

By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 11.11.13

Commerce needs airport

Tata Steel’s decision to appoint global firms to prepare a master plan for the city (New boss unveils City 2113, Nov. 2) is a welcome step. The steel major must take steps to set up a commercial airport in the city. Lack of proper air traffic from Jamshedpur to metros and other cities does this eastern industrial hub a great disservice. The existing airstrip is simply too small! Getting a standard airport in the city is a must to draw serious investors and give the much-needed 21st century push to trade, commerce and industry.

Sumanta Banerjee,Jamshedpur

Stumped by neglect

Keenan Stadium in Jamshedpur witnessed some best cricketing moments. But its glory days are truly over. The Jamshedpur stadium with a historic legacy requires huge revamp. Galleries ringing the grounds appear too fragile to bear spectator load. Custodians Tata Steel, please make note.

Hemant Rao,Jamshedpur

Buried treasure

A recent Supreme Court judgment said the hereditary owner has exclusive right not only of the soil under his possession but also the subsoil and minerals underneath the surface of his land. This apex court judgment places a greater responsibility on tribals and original dwellers. They need to revitalise gram sabhas to shoulder greater responsibilities.

Stan Swamy,Ranchi

Dud after dazzle

Diwali has come and gone, leaving the capital literally littered with empty promises — garbage as well as remnants of crackers. Contrary to Ranchi Municipal Corporation’s vow to clean up the city, capital streets continue to fester in filth. Will Chhath deliver a miracle?

Bani Bhadra,Ranchi