Letters 04-08-2014

Medically FIT

By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 4.08.14

Medically FIT

I had the misfortune of visiting the Subernarekha burning ghat in Namkum last week after a neighbour died. I felt a person’s last journey shouldn’t be so arduous. There is neither a proper approach road to the ghat nor power connection. After dusk, the electric vapour lamps of a nearby temple provide the only source of light while the last rites are performed. Some local boys at the ghat got a battery operated lamp for us. But under its feeble glow, the sheer apathy meted out to the ghat was more apparent. Let us accord the place that bids people their final farewell some respect.

T.K. Samant.Ranchi

Third eye sleuth!

It was pleasure to know that CCTV cameras installed at Tatanagar station helped prevent a snatching bid. More such CCTV cameras must be installed at public places in cities to curb crime. Thank you for carrying the report.

R.K. Dwivedi,Jamshedpur


No room for errors

nIn the report titled “BJP not keen on CM face this time” (July 23), veteran BJP leader Raghubar Das was mentioned as a tribal. However, it is well-known that Das is from the Teli community and not a tribal. Such errors are misleading.

Abhay Singh Ujjain,Jamshedpur

Lanes apart

The report, Dimna gateway to get lane-savvy (July 28), gave us hope. Traffic lanes apart, here are some suggestions. Vats and urinals need to be installed at regular intervals so that the divider is not used as a dumping ground for filth. Traffic lights and the traffic monitoring system must be efficient. The cuts along the road for vehicles to pass must be maintained.

Sreemoy Ghose,Via email, Jamshedpur