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Green lung chokes on plastic litter

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  • Published 8.11.13

Aam Bagan grounds, Sakchi, is in news again. But for wrong reasons.

Barely a week after Diwali, the green lung lies littered with polythene bags and plastic refuse left behind by the 100-odd makeshift stalls that had cropped up on its premises to sell crackers. Besides sullying the beauty of the four-acre ground, the plastic bags mock the ban clamped by the state and the Centre.

Local residents are, obviously, livid, blaming the vendors and authorities alike for the mess.

Subroto Das (62), a resident of Penar Road in Sakchi who visits the ground for morning walks, said: “Plastic bags littered across the premises turn slippery with dew falling on them. This can be dangerous for morning walkers. This apart, winds carry these plastic bags to nearby nullahs, leading to clogged drains.”

“It is surprising that despite being maintained by a corporate group, Aam Bagan grounds is in this state. In the future, district administration should direct vendors to clean the premises before dismantling their shops,” added Das, a retired Tata Steel employee.

Approached on the issue, Tata Steel subsidiary Jusco, which is entrusted with the maintenance of the green lung, expressed helplessness.

“The ground is given to vendors by land department of Tata Steel with a condition that they would hand it over as it was. The vendors or any other party is responsible for cleaning the garbage. We have also kept sufficient number of vats for the purpose. People still litter the area,” said Jusco spokesperson Rajesh Rajan.

Dhalbhum subdivisional magistrate Subodh Kumar said they would ask Jusco officials to clean the area after Chhath festivities.

Notably, the nine-decade-old Aam Bagan grounds is a major landmark in the steel city and hosts fairs, rallies and exhibitions, besides Durga Puja.