Ghostbusters coming to town - Capital to host eastern region's first metaphysical centre

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  • Published 16.04.13

Seeking spiritual evolution or counselling for paranormal problems? You need not look beyond Ranchi soon.

Come June, the capital will house the eastern region’s first metaphysical centre — a facility dedicated to esoteric studies, parapsychology, healing programmes and meditation to buffer illusions of a troubled mind — that will serve the dual purpose of reining in unscrupulous godmen.

The Indian Paranormal Society, which is launching the ambitious project and will run the centre, has already identified a 1,500sqft property in Harmu.

Director and certified paranormal investigator Shishir Kumar said they would offer a panoply of services such as spiritual and paranormal counselling, life coaching, relationship tips and past life regression (a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations).

“Nowadays, there are many grappling with paranormal problems and past life issues, besides spiritual constraints. Such people are easy prey for frauds who pose as healers and con them. Our objective is to end such rackets, while teaching a holistic approach to life,” Kumar said, pointing out that this would be the third metaphysical centre in the country after Delhi and Mumbai.

For starters, six counsellors from across the country will conduct sessions at the centre, which will also boast a bevy of equipment used to study the paranormal like EMF (electromagnetic field) meters, full spectrum camcorders, EVP (electronic voice phenomena) readers, motion sensors and thermal imagers.

“We will also invite a tarot card reader once a week. People will get a chance to interact with the experts and know about their past and future. But, the main aim is to allay fears of every shape and size,” the director said, adding that the fee structure for various programmes would be finalised soon.

Kumar informed that programmes like hypnosis would help ease tension and boost confidence levels. “It will help seekers regain their positive energies,” he said.

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