Capital's warmth in winter

A special wall in the capital is warming hearts this season.

By Arti S. Sahuliyar
  • Published 12.01.17
Homemaker Seema Tantia (left) and her daughter Pragya pose on Tuesday in front of the wall where clothes are hung for the underprivileged in Ranchi. Picture by Prashant Mitra

A special wall in the capital is warming hearts this season.

Inspired by a philanthropic idea in Iran, where residents hang their old clothes on a wall for the poor to take, Ranchi residents are spreading warmth this biting winter on its Zaruratein Dewar Sahyog Aur Saath Ki (need to have walls of help and togetherness).

It's a big name, but with a simple idea initiated by two SN Ganguly Road residents, mother-daughter duo Seema and Pragya Tantia.

Homemaker Seema and XISS finance student Pragya decided to clean the wall outside Sadar Hospital on Purulia Road and fix hooks to enable people leave behind their clothes and woollens. Many leave behind shoes and socks too.

"From sweaters to shoes, one is free to donate anything and hang them on the wall. The poor come and pick up whatever they need," said Seema.

From kids working at the nearby tea kiosk and rickshaw-pullers to beggars, the wall is a blessing.

" Mere do bache hain, dono ke liye shirt aur pant liye. Hum kharid nahin pate itni mahangi hain (I have two kids and I took shirts and trousers for them. I find it difficult to purchase clothes as they are too costly)," said tea-seller Bhola.

Residents are also pouring in large numbers to donate bags full of old clothes.

"We have received tremendous response so far. Many residents come and quietly put up their stuffs and vanish, so we don't get to know who donated what. Hundreds of poor people gather near the wall and go home with smiling faces," said 21-year-old Pragya.

"The idea has been adopted by many cities in the world, so I wanted to do something similar here. We contacted a lot of people for a suitable wall but couldn't make any headway. Finally, Ranchi civil surgeon Shiv Shankar Harijan permitted us to use a section of the wall outside Sadar Hospital premises," said mom Seema.

"Anyone willing to donate old clothes can contact us at 9709420752," added Seema.