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Missed chance Wrong note Simple innovation

By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 13.06.05

Missed chance

It was shocking to know that though we have a few institutions which are fully equipped to handle cases like Lokman’s, no one came forward to examine the child’s (Vital clue, May 30) genetic makeup. It speaks volumes about our researchers who have yet to adopt a proper scientific attitude. After all, science is not just another 10-to-5 job to earn a livelihood ? you need to have out-of-the-box ideas. If any of the scientists of the mentioned research institutes had come forward, not only would the world of science have been enriched, the life of the ailing child could also have been saved. This would have offered a clue to a disorder afflicting many children in the villages near Domkal.

Sourish Misra

Wrong note

The otherwise enlightening story Vital Clue (May 30) strikes a wrong note at the very beginning. The authors seemed to be more concerned by the Indian scientists letting go the opportunity of studying the obese kid Lokman Hakim, than the child’s actual death. The frequency at which the photographs of such unusually overweight children are published by the print media these days seems to indicate that occurrence of such obesity among young persons, though undesirable, is not really rare in West Bengal.

Arjun Chaudhuri

Simple innovation

With reference to Kepler’s fantasy realised (June 6) the platonic wood puzzle created by Dr Wayne Daniel can only be described as a priceless innovation. The toy shows once again how seemingly complex ideas can be represented in a simple way. It’s all the more interesting because Daniel achieved what Kepler or other astronomers failed to do in so many centuries. Such brilliant creations can indeed help demystify astronomy as well as mathematical concepts.

Joydeep Chatterjee

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