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The power to transport: All that you need to know about sturdy and weighty Revolve Plus

Name: Bose SoundLink Revolve Series II Maker: Bose Corporation Price: Rs 24,900 (Amazon)

Pruthvi Das Published 04.03.24, 06:22 AM Sze Kiat Sze Kiat

Shortly after my lovely neighbour’s marriage, I discovered that one of the gifts they’d received was a Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Series II. A stellar brand for audio experiences, Bose products often come at a heavy price tag. I was curious to see how it worked, and got the chance to try it out paired with their television. For the remainder of the review, I’ll call it the Revolve Plus.

The Revolve Plus is sturdy and weighty to the touch, and comes with a bail to carry it around conveniently. The sleek, cylindrical look is visually pleasing enough to fly off the shelves and into the pockets of those tired of the palm-sized cookie-cutter speakers at first sight.


But the hefty design also communicates its purpose of delivering a crisp 360-degree surround-sound experience. Along with its strong Bluetooth connection, it makes for the perfect dual combo you need for virtually any wireless audio requirement in the house.

Don’t have a sound system strong enough to engulf your room with theatrical sound experience? Don’t want to carry around a blasting thingamajig in your back-pocket during a house party? Don’t want to exchange your speaker for a new one every couple of years because of a reduction in quality?

With this speaker, those problems are kaput.

The Revolve Plus also packs up a considerably long battery life. You can get about 13 to 17 hours of consistent use out of it. You could also convert it into a permanent audio system for your television or a mini home theatre via any micro-USB cable and stash it away safely in a dark corner, if that’s more your fancy.

However, before you snap your reins and charge towards the market or click the “buy now” button of an online store, you might want to check your budget.

Being a speaker that promises sound quality so crisp that even Kurkure couldn’t compete with, it comes at a price of Rs 23,000. Reading that, I’m sure you already feel the sticker shock soar through your spine.

To intensify that shock further, the Revolve Plus is only IPX4-verified — as in, it’s water-resistant. A couple of splashes wouldn’t hurt, but don’t expect it to survive a trip to the shower, or a dip in the kiddy pool.

And be warned, keeping it in dry rice isn’t going to save it either, especially since the device has a good chunk of plugs and grill holes for any liquid to get in and fry the circuits easily.

The device also doesn’t come with Wi-Fi capabilities, so it isn’t possible to pair up devices through a single network, contrasting certain sound devices capable of this feature.

VERDICT: The Revolve
Plus is a solid 10 out of 10 all-around speaker to end all all-round speakers. But be sure to maintain it with serious caution.


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