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Pataa - the app that is solving India’s addressing problem

Pataa app is helping over 3.3 million Indian users navigate to their exact destination with its unique short code, voice directions, property photos and many such beneficial features.

ABP Digital Brand Studio   |   Published 22.11.21, 10:13 AM

The Pataa app has been developed keeping the Indian addressing problems in mind which cost the country a huge loss of around Rs.75, 000crores annually as per a survey report by MIT, US. The maximum cost incurred by delivery companies is the last mile cost, which amounts to 30% of the entirety. Parcels are returned because pin codes are incorrectly written and cover a vast expanse of 179 kms. If we look at the general e-commerce delivery scenario, it is tough for a delivery guy to reach the exact location without the help of a landmark or repeated calls. In the Pataa app lies the solution to all these problems. It helps users to convert their long and complex address into a unique short code which can be easily shared with visitors.

With over 3.3 million active users, Pataa app is changing the way we share and explain our address. Details such as complete address, landmark, voice directions, property photos and additional instructions that can help anyone get to your house or work place easily, need to be fed just once into the app. Thus, saving you the time and trouble of sharing all the details every time you need someone to reach your place.


Using the Pataa App, you can create a short code by dropping a pin on the exact 3-meter block of the entrance of your building or house and then enter your complete address details. Extensions can be created for the people who use the same pataa. Unused or closed routes can be disabled and you can also track visitors in real time with this amazing app. The best part is that your short code remains the same, no matter how many times you change your house, locality or city.

India is filled with roads that have been renamed multiple times and have tiny lanes, making it difficult for someone to precisely locate an address, even if they do use an app to help them with the directions. Since the addresses are specific and digital with Pataa, you will no longer find yourself stuck at the wrong end of a one-way street or lost at a dead end.

By saving the logistics and delivery companies from driving around in circles, Pataa app has helped them to save on fuel costs and has also allowed them to make better use of their time. With the increasing number of Pataa users, unnecessary phone calls by the delivery agents have drastically reduced. This has resulted in more savings for companies.

This isn’t all; the Pataa app is a boon for people living in remote locations especially during an emergency. People can share their digital address with the ambulance, fire brigade and police to save precious lives. Govt. apps can be integrated with Pataa and schemes can be implemented in a more efficient manner if every urban and rural Indian has a digital address. 

Pataa App is helping everyone who wishes to reach the exact destination. It further aims to improve the work and personal life of people, one digital address at a time.

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