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Now play Food Truck Chef on your mobile

You can travel to different countries and cook different cuisines

Karan R. Gaikwad Published 27.01.19, 11:52 AM
Food Truck Chef by Tilting Point

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Cooking games have been around for a while. We were introduced to them on the PC and there is something very simple yet satisfying about them. It’s a treat for players who love to cook but also fun for those who have never entered a kitchen.

Food Truck Chef is another exciting title in this genre that adds an aspect of travel to the game. It was developed by a Bangalore-based company, Nukebox Studios.


The objective of the game is simple: you own a food truck and you have to serve customers who come to you. If you serve them in time, they give you a good tip. But the customers can get angry and go away if they run out of patience. All of this is pretty straightforward but it is a lot of fun to play.

Every order requires a combination of ingredients that have to be cooked, served or poured. It feels like a family dinner where you are juggling to serve everyone. It does get stressful at times, but that only adds to the fun.

One of the unique and exciting things about the game is the various locations it takes you to. You start with Pasta Street, where you serve different kinds of pasta to customers. You can then move on to Pizza Street or BBQ Street. The fun part is that the game gives you a choice as to which street to go to next.

There are 15 locations at this point and more will be added. Every location gets you a different truck and different recipes to cook. The game offers 700 different recipes and 600 levels.

The game does get difficult with every level. However, to make it easier, you can upgrade your food truck. There are basically three types of upgrades.

You can get more equipment so that you can cook dishes faster. You can get better ingredients, which means you can charge your customers a bit more. You can also decorate your food truck for every location so that the customers have more patience.

All these upgrades require you to spend in-game cash and gems.

Verdict: You can travel to different countries and cook different cuisines.

The game does get a bit glitchy and there are some complaints of players losing their progress. However, if you want a fun way to pass your time while doing your favourite activity of cooking, Food Truck Chef is just the game for you. I would rate it eight out of 10.

Game: Food Truck Chef by Tilting Point

Genres: Casual cooking game

Platforms: Android, iOS

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