Crystal clear

By Malvika Singh
  • Published 4.10.13

Rahul Gandhi has triumphed on a very crucial issue that will have an impact on the future of Indian politics. It is clearly a fundamental that he believes in and is committed to, which is probably why he has resisted being ‘inducted’ into a corroded system of governance. In spite of all the veiled, as well as open, antagonism directed towards this intense and quiet politician, he stuck to his guns and ensured that a detrimental ordinance was called off. The non-stop vociferous chatter on television channels that went on throughout the day about the dynasty prevailing, and about the Congress being the ‘family business’ of the Gandhis, ironically espoused by a ‘family’ that dominates one channel, came to naught because the outcome was correct and will hopefully initiate the cleansing of a corrupted political frame.

Strangely, the ‘elected’ as well as the ‘unelected’ leaders of India, the pallbearers of a dying democracy, were for an ordinance that would protect their dark shenanigans. It was the ‘dynast’ who stepped out of the line and stalled the potential horror that was being supported by the non-dynasts. Rahul Gandhi’s timing was perfect considering that the prime minister had sent the ordinance for ratification to the president and, hours later, taken a flight to the United States of America, assuming that the deed was done. The ordinance could well have gone through if Rahul Gandhi had made a wimp-like, polite and delayed response. Instead, he, as a disturbed, elected member of the Lok Sabha and the vice president of the Congress, announced his displeasure regarding the ordinance at a party press conference. He had broken loose from the status quo that has become the presiding idiom of his party.

Crystal clear

The Congress leaders were stunned, and many were running for cover. Within minutes, ministers were reversing their earlier platitudes on the necessity of such an ordinance. One such minister, who struts about implying that he is a close confidante and primary advisor to the Congress vice president, was caught virtually with his pants down on a talk show! Many individuals were shown up in different ways. The younger leaders were relieved that an unequivocal and determined position had been taken and forcefully stated. The press and the Opposition leaders then began to pontificate on the language used by Rahul Gandhi. They spent hours damning the use of the word ‘nonsense’, which only means that something makes no sense. They were clutching on to whatever they could find to ensure they gave no credit to Rahul Gandhi. The bias was crystal clear and gave the game away.

It was sad to see the prime minister speaking to India from his aeroplane while returning from his stopover in Frankfurt. A man who rarely speaks out on any critical national issue, and who hardly ever addresses his people, who travels overseas far, far more than he does within India, was vocal on the Rahul Gandhi intervention. He referred thrice to the core group having endorsed the ordinance, thereby putting the onus on the Congress president. Then, 12 hours later, after Rahul Gandhi had met him, followed by the core group and the cabinet meeting, both the ordinance and the bill were withdrawn. Speaks volumes.

Why is the press distorting the simple truth? Is it because the press would have to doff its hat to Rahul Gandhi, about whom it has been rude and sarcastic? Why is the press being partisan? Why the double standards? Why is it not demanding a response from the government on why the prime minister sent the ordinance to the president and then disappeared into the air instead of waiting for the president to react? Surely there should be some rules in such processes?