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Jallikattu is a flagrant violation of the law

Local political parties that support it in the name of tradition are doing so with the ulterior motive of reaping votes
If the youth of Tamil Nadu wish to display their valour, they can always opt for other productive ways instead of being brutal to animals
If the youth of Tamil Nadu wish to display their valour, they can always opt for other productive ways instead of being brutal to animals

The Telegraph   |   Published 25.01.19, 10:22 AM

Sir — Jallikattu or bull-taming is a tradition that goes a long way back in Tamil Nadu. But it is also cruel. Bulls are not only tortured — they are kicked, punched and dragged on the ground — but are also intoxicated to make them feel disoriented. As such, the so-called sport is a flagrant violation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. Local political parties that support jallikattu by citing tradition are doing so with the ulterior motive of reaping votes. If the youth in the state wish to display their valour, they can always opt for other productive ways instead of being brutal to animals.

Ranganathan Sivakumar,


Historic win

Sir — India scripted history by winning the three-match one-day international series Down Under (“Unpredictability has been our strength, says captain”, Jan 19). Coming after the first-ever Test series win in Australia, India became the first country to return from the country without losing a single series in one tour.

In two of the ODIs, M.S. Dhoni played a big part in India’s photo finish, thus silencing his critics. Under great pressure, Dhoni showed his fellow cricketers how to keep one’s cool and get the job done. Even at the age of 37, Dhoni’s swiftness between the wickets bore witness to his fitness. He deserved to become the Man of the Series.

Other players contributed significantly to the team’s victory as well. Yuzvendra Chahal picked up 6 wickets for 42 runs in the third ODI. Kedar Jadhav also deserves the credit for the way he finished in the third ODI, bagging 61 runs out of 57 balls.

The competence of Team India gives one hope that the country will lift the World Cup this year.

P.R. Bhattacharya,


Sir — Team India played spellbinding cricket in the series in Australia. M.S. Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Yuzvendra Chahal and Kedar Jadhav are some of the players who deserve special mention for the ODI matches.

Dhoni proved that age has not diminished his skill or stamina. Although Kohli was somewhat eclipsed by Dhoni’s performance, the Indian captain’s man management helped India triumph. One hopes that India will not only win the five-match ODI series against New Zealand but also bring home the World Cup this year.

A.K. Chakraborty,


Sir — The present Indian side will go down in history for winning both the ODI and the Test series in Australia. This achievement would not have been possible without the able guidance provided by the captain of Indian men’s cricket, Virat Kohli.

Team India should be congratulated. M.S. Dhoni, too, deserves to be lauded for playing so well; he has proved his mettle in every match of the just-concluded series. It will be difficult for the Indian team to find a cricketer like Dhoni. He has the ability to win matches for the team no matter what the playing conditions. One hopes that Team India will continue the winning spree and reach new heights of success.

Z. Rahmani,


Sir — It is a proud moment for fans of Indian cricket. The Indian team have won their first-ever bilateral ODI series in Australia. The former captain, M.S. Dhoni, showed that it is not time to write off his career yet. He played a crucial role in taking the team across the finishing line more than once. In fact, all the Indian players went the extra mile to secure a victory against the Aussies.

Tarik Hasan,


Sir — Kudos to Team India for an exceptional victory in the ODI series against the Baggy Greens. Winning both the Test and the ODI series on the Australian soil is like a dream come true. This ODI series has been special for M.S. Dhoni’s comeback in the game. He scored three half-centuries in three consecutive ODIs. With a magnificent match-winning knock of 87 runs in the deciding match of the series, Dhoni has, once again, proved his importance to the side. A player’s form can see ups and downs, but not so his class. This is what Dhoni established with his performance.

Tushar Anand,


Sir — For the first time in the history of cricket, India have returned from Australia without losing a series. Virat Kohli performed well as the captain, while M.S. Dhoni silenced his critics with his admirable performance. Some cricketers are beyond statistics; Dhoni is among them. He is still a master of the chase and a finisher who knows how to handle pressure. It was a pleasure watching him play. One hopes that after such a performance he will be selected for the World Cup to be held later this year.

Additionally, Yuzvendra Chahal should be applauded for breaking the backbone of Australian batting line-up. This victory will undoubtedly boost the confidence of the Indian players and motivate them before the upcoming World Cup.

Mohd. Zaid,


Sir — The way India performed Down Under has made the country proud.

It is encouraging that young talents like Yuzvendra Chahal and Kedar Jadhav stole the show. This proves that the future of Indian cricket is safe. On the other hand, M.S. Dhoni proved the importance of experience, scoring a total of 193 runs in the ODI series.

The Australian side, much diminished now than it was in the past, kept a low profile. Shaun Marsh and Jhye Richardson were the only players who showed some promise by rising to the occasion when their team most needed it. Coming back to the Men in Blue, if they keep performing this way, they might go on to create more records in the future.

Jayanta Datta,


Sir — The Indian cricketers played like a team.

It is this that helped them win both series on Australian soil. If they maintain this bonhomie in the upcoming tournaments and continue playing with the same grit then no team in the world will be able to beat them.

Saikat Sinha,


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