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The final countdown: Instagram counts the days to Durga Puja

Viral Instagram reels on Durga Puja that are adding to the excitement in Kolkata

Jaismita Alexander | Published 08.10.23, 03:27 PM

The wait for the Durga Puja is as exciting as the festive days. Prepping, planning, shopping, etc. begin long in advance. This excitement can be felt all around – from the city’s streets to Instagram. From Kumartuli tour, pandals under construction to pujo-special recipes and animations, Instagram is setting in the festive mood. For this edition of Reels of the Week, My Kolkata picks some viral pujo reels just days ahead of Durga Puja.

Mahalaya in less than a week!

In about less than a week, the city is going to wake up in the wee hours to the enchanting voice of Birendra Krishna Bhadra. In a heartwarming animation, @sonatani_official, aka Pritam Biswas, beautifully captures the essence of Mahalaya. The buzz of the alarm at 4am, turning on the radio and Mahishashur Mardini echoing in the empty streets, the feeling makes our heart skip a beat.


Durga Puja for us means…

For us, Durga Puja means pandal-hopping all night, adda at Maddox Square, crowded streets and a lot more! @soumyajit390 presents a collage of videos in a reel, capturing what Durga Puja is in Bengal and to Bengalis. The hustle and bustle of Durga Puja nights are awaited and the iconic Puja is prepping to witness boundless energy once again!

Surreal ‘kaash phool’ fields

Kaash phool reminds us of Pather Panchali and, of course, Durga Puja. The white fields dance to the sweet autumnal breeze and the feeling is surreal. In a cinematic reel, @_jeet_saha uses a drone to cover a large area lined with these blooming wonders. The video will make you want to run to the place for some Insta clicks!

Types of people during Durga Puja

This is the time to make those WhatsApp groups and plan each day of pujo with your squad. From attire to pandal-hopping routes, everything must be planned! But have you also noticed that there are some people with a distinct kind of enthusiasm (or the lack of it)? @i.preranadas introduces us to two kinds of people during Durga Puja. One with a noticeable lack of interest and the other with contagious excitement and beaming enthusiasm — which kind are you?

Durga Puja special sandesh

Kolkata, Durga Puja and mishti — the trio makes a heavenly combination. Our very own celebrity chef from Kolkata, @kirtibhoutika, shares an irresistible Daab Sandesh recipe. The MasterChef India Season 5 winner shows us how to make this sweet and refreshing mishti as a part of her Kolkata-special series for Durga Puja month. Check out the reel and stock up on all the ingredients. This can be a perfect dessert option when you have guests over.

Painting Maa

Watching @ram_arto paint the face of Durga is so calming – the splash of colours and sketching of eyes feels so satisfying. The audio to the reel also makes the video worth watching. Watch it and enjoy the wonderful art!

Last updated on 08.10.23, 03:28 PM

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