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Richer dimensions

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SHARMILA BASU THAKUR   |   Published 08.10.04, 12:00 AM

Padatik Dance Centre, in association with Anamika Kala Sangam, presented a Mohini Attam recital by Dr Kanak Rele (in picture) and her troupe from the Nalanda Dance Research Centre, Mumbai on October 3 at Gyan Manch.

The performance commenced with invocation of Ganapati, followed by Gandhari and Kubja, portrayed by Rele herself. Choreographing these two unique items with deep knowledge of the sastras and native creative brilliance, the dancer-scholar established the new and richer dimensions of Mohini Attam along with its lyrical beauty.

The sahitya gave her ample scope to exhibit her abhinaya prowess, be it the anguish of Gandhari or agony of Kubja. Despite her age, she was agile and flowing in her dance. The graceful movements, rich in visual aesthetics and excellent rhythmic sense, made the repertoire a unique experience.

The group compositions were neat and well-synchronised. The senior students of the centre manifested Rele?s distinct style with verve and joy. They displayed good command over technique and at the same time infused their performance with devotion. The orchestral accompaniment, vital for any dance recital, was as precise as recorded music and breathed with the dancer as her alter-ego.

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