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How do I get my money back?

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Prabir Basu Of Consumers' Unity And Guidance Forum On Seeking Redress   |   Published 12.11.07, 12:00 AM

Perseverance pays

Despite my best efforts, I could not recover the Easy Retirement Teak Equity Certificate amount from Sterling Tree Magnum (India) Limited, No. 5, 41st street, VI Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai-600083. The issue date of these easy retirement teak equity certificates was August 18, 1995. What is my remedy?

Madhulekha Ray, Little Apartment, New Alipore,
Block-D, Extension,
140, J.K. Pal Road,

Company response: No response.

the expert: Upon enquiry, it has been found that the company application Nos. 407 and 408 of 1999 for liquidation of the firm was moved before justice R. Jayasimha Babu in the High Court of Judicature of Madras (original jurisdiction) and that an order has been passed therein.

Under such circumstances, the complainant is requested to take up the matter with any practising advocate in Madras (practising before the Madras High Court) to know the present status of the company application. Having done that, it would be easier to decide on the future course of action in accordance with the law for proper redress of her claim.


Hope springs eternal

In response to my letter with regard to the non-receipt of the statement of accounts against my investment of Rs 3,000 under the US-2002 of UTI (and because of your intervention) the UTI has been compelled to send me one statement of accounts dated June 16, 2007 of UTI Unit Scheme 2002 (Growth). However, it does not say much and is evasive in nature. An officer of the Bhubaneswar branch of UTI has informed me that they have lost track of my investment. What is my remedy?

G.K. Mukhopadhyay,
C/ Namita Pathak,
P.O . Santragachi,

Company response: No response.

the expert: To sort out your grievances, try and contact Santosh Nene, regional manager, UTI Technology Services Ltd, Central Processing Centre, Plot No. 3, Post Bag No. 18, Sector-11, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai-400614, quoting the complainant reference No. 27908718 dated September 23, 2005. Considering its reputation, UTI will surely clarify the matter to the satisfaction of the complainant.


Not a consumer

Four insurance companies — New India Assurance Company Limited, National Insurance Company Limited, Oriental Insurance Company Limited and United India Assurance Company Limited — have by fraudulent means, inefficiency and callousness withheld my survey fee bills payment since 1968. I have written to them a number of times but without any results. I am clueless as to how to go about recovering my fees from the companies concerned.

T.K. Paul,
Empanelled surveyor, assessor, estimator and valuer,
9A, Khairoo Place,

Company response: Of the four insurance companies mentioned, only National Insurance Company Limited by its letter dated September 26, 2007, has requested as follows: “You may advise Mr Paul to get in touch with our Regional Office at India Exchange Place, Calcutta-700001 or S. Sengupta, deputy general manager, National Insurance Company Limited, 3 Middleton Street, Calcutta-700071 for redress of his grievances on merit.”

the expert: To get proper redress through the consumer forum, a person making the complaint will have to be a consumer and the dispute so raised will have to be a consumer dispute. In the present case, admittedly an employee is seeking redress of a dispute against his employer, which can only be solved through civil litigation since it is not a consumer dispute and the employee concerned is not a consumer. However, on sending across the forwarding notes, National Insurance Company Limited has responded and has requested the complainant through our column to contact their Regional Office at 8, India Exchange Place, Calcutta-700001, for redress of his grievances on merit.


Justice at last

This is to acknowledge your efforts in taking up my cause for the settlement of my provident fund (PF) claim amount and for the Employees Pension Scheme (EPS account) amount from the assistant provident fund commissioner, New Delhi-110019. However, I must add that the cheques that were sent to me were sent without any statement of accounts. I have already written to the assistant PF commissioner,
New Delhi-110019, but to no avail. What should be my future course of action?

Samit Kundu,
RS Mansion,
51/2 Moore Avenue,
(BL-II, Flat 2A),

Office of the Provident Fund Commissioner, New Delhi: No response.

the expert: We have already forwarded the complainant’s grievances to the assistant provident fund commissioner, New Delhi. And we have also requested his office to provide a detailed statement of accounts to the complainant so that he can get a clear picture regarding the interest that has been given to him for the delayed period. This statement should help clarify all his doubts.

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