HR MATTERS 28-01-2009

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By SANJOY ROY CHOWDHURY Managing director, Gray Matters Consulting Pvt. Ltd
  • Published 28.01.09

Q: I am a graduate engineer and have been working in the pipeline department of a public sector organisation. I want to work abroad. Is there any course in pipeline design and maintenance that I can do to boost my prospects? If I go for a postgraduation in business management, which subject should I specialise in?

Ritmi Dutta

A: If you are looking at specialising in pipeline design and maintenance then why do you want to go for an MBA? If you want to do an MBA but still want your work experience to be counted, it would be beneficial to specialise in operations management. If you want to specialise in pipeline design, you could do such a course abroad, maybe in Germany, and then work there for a couple of years.

Q:I have been working in sales and marketing in an FMCG company for more than three years. Our company is a SAP R /3 user. I have done MBA in marketing. I have user knowledge of SAP-SD. I want to shift from sales to ERP and am planning to train in the SD module. Is it wise to undergo training when the economy is on the downswing or should I wait for the economy to stabilise?

Joydev Chowdhury

A: More and more organisations are investing in ERP solutions, because they would like to optimise their resources and bring out the maximum without duplicating efforts in the organisation. There is absolutely no problem, meltdown notwithstanding, in undergoing training in the SD module and following the career path you have chosen.

Q:I did a diploma in prosthetics and orthotics from the NRS Medical College and Hospital in 2008, securing 65 per cent, with distinction in rehabilitation. I have not been able to get a job till now. What do I do now?

Prasenjit Mitra

A: The recent meltdown has not affected the health sector. I am sure you would get a job eventually. Try to analyse why you have not been able to get a job. You may not have been able to present your case properly to the interviewers. You have the right qualifications, so I do not see any reason why you should not get a job.

Q:I am a hospital management graduate working as an executive in a private company for the past two years. I am 24 and want to do a part-time MBA. Will it help my career?

Sohini Sen

A: There are some questions which I would like to ask. If you have done graduation in hospital management, are you working in a hospital? If yes, why do you want to go for an MBA? If it is not a hospital where you are working, are you employed in a different industry? The health sector requires qualified people and I am sure you can add value to the industry.

Q:I am a student of PGDBM-HR course. I have been working as a soft skills trainer in an institute. I would like to become a HR professional. What are the chances of getting a job in human resources?

Subhabrata Das

A: You have an excellent chance of getting a job as a HR manager. You are equipping yourself with the right education and also practising some of the skills required to become a good HR manager. I think you are on the right career path.

Q:I have been working in a reputed retail concern since June 2007 as an assistant manager but the company is yet to open its outlet due to some problems. Will my current experience be counted?

Pronab Das

A: Your experience would definitely be counted. If you are able to explain the work you have done in your current job, then other things would not matter. The reason for the organisation not opening will have no bearing on your career.

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