HR MATTERS 27-05-2008

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By SANJAY ROY CHOWDHURY Managing Director, Gray Matters Consulting Pvt. Ltd
  • Published 27.05.08

Q: I have two years’ experience of working in a pharmaceutical company as a production officer. I am an honours graduate in chemistry. Which course should I go for in order to improve my career prospects?

Anupam Ghosh

A: You can do postgraduation in your field of study or go for a professional course like MBA. You can choose a course based on your interest level and your career direction.

Q:I have done my graduation in journalism and mass communication from Calcutta University. I am looking for a copywriting job in an advertising agency. I had earlier worked for a local newspaper as a freelancer for two months. I want to join an advertising agency.

Arunava Basu Roy Chaudhuri

A: Make a list of all the advertising agencies in your state. The Internet would be of great help in this matter. Further, you can approach the relevant department in these organisations with your profile and see if there are vacancies where your aspiration and their requirements match. You can also approach recruitment consultants with a specific request about the industry you wish to explore opportunities in.

Q:I am 21 years old and completed my graduation in arts. Now, I want to do an MBA in human resource. I want to know whether it would be difficult to do an MBA as I have a background in arts.

Swati Majumder, Calcutta

A: There are specialised fields of study such as behavioural sciences and quantitative techniques in an MBA course. Being a graduate in arts you might face difficulty in quantitative techniques which you can overcome through practice, but otherwise you should not face too much of a problem. In my experience there are several MBA graduates from premier colleges who have done exceedingly well with a similar background.

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