HR MATTERS 19-05-2009

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By SANJOY ROY CHOWDHURY Managing director, Gray Matters Consulting Pvt. Ltd
  • Published 19.05.09

Q: I am 22 years old and have completed postgraduation in geography. I also hold a certificate in hardware and networking. I have been working in an information technology company for about eight months. I want to choose a career related to geography. What kind of offers I can get after doing MBA with specialisation in disaster management?

Indranath Mallick

A: Since this is a very specialised subject, the scope and competition would also be limited. It would be better if you decide on a career path based on your competence and then choose a course accordingly.

Q:I have completed graduation with honours in English. I have about two years’ experience in a business process outsourcing company. I am pursuing MBA through distance learning. Am I on the right path?

Dusmanta Kumar Barik

A:The right path depends on your choice of career. For better job prospects, an MBA is essential. Work experience while you are doing MBA would give you the required corporate exposure before you embark on a career.

Q:I am a 22-year-old science graduate. I hold a diploma in hardware and networking. I am also a Microsoft Certified Professional and currently preparing for the Microsoft Certified System Administrator examination. I have been working as customer support engineer in a small IT company for the past two years. But I am not satisfied with my job profile and salary. Should I opt for part-time BE or BTech to enhance my prospects in the IT sector?

Manas Kumar Das

A: I think you could get a decent job with your current qualification. Doing a part-time course would not make much sense as it is not on par with a full-time course. Your current exposure as computer support engineer would come in handy if you are looking for a new job. Do not think about salary at this stage. Choose a job if you think it will provide enough opportunity to learn.

Q:I am 26 years old. I have been working in a multinational company for the last few years. I have completed graduation and want to complete MBA but do not have the time to go for a full-time one. Should I opt for full-time MBA or a part-time one?

Surajit Ghosh

A:If you want to do part-time MBA, you should go for a three-year course. Since you are working in a multinational company, this is a good opportunity to pursue a part-time course and enhance your qualification. Most companies encourage employees to enhance their qualifications. Check with your HR department and see if your organisation has a similar policy. It would be prudent to discuss with your HR head whether an MBA would enhance your job profile in the company.

Q:I am a 31-year-old media professional working in a leading Hindi news agency as senior reporter. Though I am an MA in English with bachelors in journalism, I have failed to switch over to the English media. Despite having in-depth knowledge of current affairs, I have not been able to land a good job so far. I do not understand why I could not be considered suitable for a job in a mainstream English daily. I have good command over English as well as Hindi. Should I opt for any further qualification?

Ajay Bhan Singh Rajput

A:It is just a matter of time before you are able to break the mould and switch to the English media. As far as qualification is concerned, you have enough of it to excel in your dream job. Sometimes, we all get stereotyped due to the nature of our work. So, you do not need to worry much. You could begin by contributing articles to mainstream English newspapers. A portfolio of published works would make a strong case for you.

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