HR MATTERS 18-12-2007

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By SANJAY ROY CHOWDHURY Managing director, Gray Mattters Consulting Pvt. Ltd
  • Published 18.12.07

Q: I am working as a safety officer in a construction company. I have done my graduation in mathematics and hold a postgraduate diploma in industrial safety management. Now, I want to do an MSc in environmental science. Will that help boost my career prospects? If yes, do give me the names of the institutes that have correspondence courses in the subject and their postal addresses.

Ataur Rahman

A:A postgraduation degree in environmental science will enhance your credentials as a safety personnel. Managing safety and environmental hazards has become an important job at construction sites as well as in factories. Foreign companies, setting up manufacturing units in India, are also looking for people with such qualifications. All Indian universities and the IITs have courses in environmental science. You need to find out which reputed university is offering such a course on a correspondence basis and apply to it. You can look it up on the Net.

Q:I am a 24-year-old arts graduate, working as an insurance agent. I am thinking of taking the AMFI test and starting a mutual fund business. I have two years of experience in the insurance sector. I am keen on studying MBA. What should be my area of specialisation?

Name withheld

A:If you have a couple of years’ experience in the insurance sector and are interested in the mutual fund business, then I personally feel you should go for a specialisation in finance if you are attending a regular MBA college. In case you want to continue in the insurance sector, you can also opt for the insurance specialisation, which many reputed MBA institutes, including the IIMs and XLRI, are offering.

Q:I completed my BE in engineering in 2004. At present I am working as a sub-inspector technician with the CRPF. After two years of service, I am completely bored and want to shift out. Could you suggest any short-term telecommunication course that would help me change my career?

Chandrakant Supare

A: Today, with the dearth of professionals and the increasing demand, corporates are hiring from all fields and professions.

Since you are not happy with your current job, you can apply to organisations in the telecom sector, where you think you would find a suitable job.

After getting a job, you should analyse the skill-set required in these organisations and only then decide on further studies. This will help you direct your energy and time in a focussed manner.

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