HR MATTERS 18-08-2009

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  • Published 18.08.09

Q: I am 24 years old and have completed MSc in biotechnology. I have been working as a territory manager in a pharmaceutical company for the last one year. I have got an opportunity to move to (product management team) in my company. Will it help if I enrol for MBA through correspondence?

Soumen Das

A: If you want to climb up the ladder, MBA would be necessary at a certain stage. Therefore, it is best to enrol in an MBA programme. There are differences in the acceptability of a distance programme and a full-time course. Based on your current situation, you can decide if you want to do distance learning and continue with your job or you want to go for a full-time MBA.

Q:I graduated in communicative English in 2005. I also hold a diploma in mass communication from Jadavpur University. I have also done a three-year GNIIT course. I worked for two years but left my job recently due to poor salary. I have appeared for several interviews but have not received any response so far. What should I do?

Name withheld

A:There can be several reasons for not getting replies from organisations to which you have applied. These organisations may not have a vacancy suitable for you or you may not be suitable for them.Your education has two distinct areas — communication and IT. Do you want to choose one of them or both? This analysis is necessary because there are various possibilities in either fields.

Q:I have been working in a bio-fertiliser and vermicompost company as a senior project officer for the past one year. I had earlier worked in an NGO for six years. I am currently doing MSW from an open university. I am an arts graduate. I have lost interest in my job and would like to work in an NGO again.

Bikash Mahato

A: The choice of career is entirely yours. If you are comfortable in the NGO sector, there is no reason why you should not return to it. Since you are also doing MSW, it would help you in the NGO sector.

Q:I completed HS in 1999. I hold a diploma in computer application. I have been working as a secretary in Saudi Arabia for three years. I want to switch to hardware and networking. How should I go about it?

Mohammed Ali

A: If you want to switch to hardware and networking, then you need to have requisite qualification in that area. I would advise you to do a short-term course on the subject and then look for adequate openings.

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