HR MATTERS 18-03-2008

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By SANJAY ROY CHOWDHURY Managing Director, Grey Matters Consulting Pvt. Ltd
  • Published 18.03.08

Q: I am a 31-year-old commerce graduate having my own furniture manufacturing business. I want to turn it into a top-notch one with a brand name and logo, but don’t have the requisite knowhow. I would like to create my company’s website. Will it help boost sales? Should I opt for a course in entrepreneurship? Can you recommend some books that would help me run my business?

Name withheld

A: The fact that you are thinking of branding and merchandising is the first step towards achieving your goal. You might start thinking in terms of not selling furniture, but selling dreams. Your positioning and quality will determine your pricing and branding. Depending on your budget, you can engage an advertising agency for creating a brand strategy. There are several books on entrepreneurship which you can consult, but what would really help is your “gut” feeling.

Q: I am a 36-year-old science graduate (PCM) with a diploma in mechanical engineering. I also have a postgraduate diploma in information technology. I have been working in a reputed construction company in Calcutta as a project planning engineer for the last two years. I am keen on pursuing an MCA or MBA through distance education but am not sure about the market value of these courses. Could you please suggest a suitable course and the institutes where it can be pursued?

Sudip Chakraborty

A: The market value of any course is based on its duration and the mode of teaching. Today, the best courses are the full-time two-year courses. You also have to take into account the work experience you would lose if you attend such a course as well as the purpose of doing so. Considering your profile and experience, I would suggest you opt for an MBA. This will give a value addition to your qualification and experience. But if you want real value from such a programme, you have to do a full-time course.

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