HR MATTERS 16-06-2009

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By SANJOY ROY CHOWDHURY Managing director, Gray Matters Consulting Pvt. Ltd
  • Published 16.06.09

Q: I am 36 years old and have completed two-year postgraduate diploma in transport management. I followed it up with a two-year, full-time PGDM in marketing. I have eight years’ experience, including four years in the telecom industry in a front-line position. I want a change in the same industry but am not getting interview calls, perhaps because of my age. Please advise.

Biswajit Gupta

A: Since you are looking for a change in the telecom industry, your qualification in transport management will not be of use. Also, I would presume that you have worked in the industry for four years and whenever recruiters look at your CV, they consider only four years’ relevant experience . Since you want a change in the same industry, try to identify the requirements of the change you are seeking, and see if you possess the requisite skill sets. Getting an interview call would depend on your capabilities.

Q:I am 27 years old. I completed BSc (hons) in computer science from Calcutta University and then MCA from a reputed institute in 2007, securing first class. However, I could not attend campus interviews owing to illness. I am currently working in a small IT consulting firm in Calcutta on a very low salary. I have more than one and a half years’ experience as an Oracle developer. I would like to work in a bigger company, preferably an MNC, on a better salary, but am unable to find such an opening. I am doing a course in OCA certification. What else should I do to achieve my dream and how long do I have to wait?

Anirban Roy

A:With the slowdown in the economy, especially in the IT sector, the job market has not been good for the last couple of months. This phase, however, is slowly passing and organisations have begun recruiting again. I think you should just keep trying. You would be able to get a job to your liking if your qualifications and competence match the requirements. You do not have to run after any other educational qualification right now. Rather, I would suggest you prepare yourself better for interviews.

Q:I am 28 years old and am working in a Force Motors Ltd (formerly Bajaj Tempo Ltd) dealership as sales manager. I joined as sales executive wherein I had to sell three and four-wheelers in a specified zone allotted to me. After three years, I was promoted as sales manager when my role became that of a team leader. With my experience in a small concern, I am finding it difficult to enter a big company. I want to remain in sales and am willing to relocate if required. I did my schooling in a reputed English medium CBSE school and passed BCom (pass) from the University of Burdwan in 2002. What should I do to enhance my career prospects?

Ayan Bakshi

A: You can try in better organisations for a sales job. You may not get credit for all the years you have worked, but you would surely get a job in the field. In a larger organisation, you may be offered the position of a sales executive. If you can excel in that position, the organisation would in due course promote you to a higher level.

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