HR MATTERS 12-08-2008

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By SANJAY ROY CHOWDHURY Managing director, Gray Matters Consulting Pvt. Ltd
  • Published 12.08.08

Q: I am 32 years old and a graduate in commerce. I have been working as a senior accounts assistant in a construction company. I have seven years of work experience, but haven’t been performing well of late. I want to pursue MBA from the Sikkim Manipal University. Will an MBA boost my career prospects or should I opt for some other course?

B. Banerjee

A: An MBA will definitely improve your career prospects. However, even if you do an MBA and then do not perform well, it will be difficult for you to move up the ladder. At this juncture, I would suggest that you analyse why your performance has not been good and ensure that you take corrective action in this regard.

Q: I am 25 years old and have completed BTech in information technology. I have been working for the last 18 months in a private firm. Recently, I suffered serious injury in an accident and have been told that my recovery would take 18 months. Should I do an MTech after that or look for a job?

Parthasarathi Boyal

A:When you recover from your injury you would be around 27 and an MTech degree thereafter would add a couple of years more to your age. At that time you would be in a situation wherein you would be working with people who would hold the same position as you but be younger in age. This might lead to a drop in motivation in your case. Based on your present situation, you can opt for distance learning or correspondence courses to utilise the recovery period and then look for a job.

Q:I am a commerce (pass) graduate from Calcutta University. I now work in a financial company. I want to do a masters in business administration through distance education, preferably in human resources or marketing. Could you give the web addresses of some reputed management institutes? Will an MBA enhance my career prospects?

Pratim Roy Karan

A: A graduation is a must for an MBA degree from a reputed institute. Since you are a pass graduate, you would have to look for lesser-known institutes or do MBA through correspondence. There are several management institutes and a search on the Internet would yield the desired result.

Q: I have been working with Wipro Technologies for the last two years and handling the resource allocation profile for the past eight months. I want to know if it will be a good idea to do a SAP-HR course.

Deiti Tariang

A:A career choice depends on your ability to do a particular thing and the interest and satisfaction it generates. If you think you’ll be happy doing a course in SAP-HR and pursuing a job in that field, you should definitely opt for it. I just hope that you have some education in the sphere of human resource, otherwise it would be a problem.

Q: I am 32 years old and currently managing a project centre in Chennai with four partners. I completed bachelor of engineering in 1998 and master of engineering (digital communication engineering) in 2000 and worked as a lecturer in one of the private engineering college in Chennai till I met with an accident in 2001. Both my legs had to be amputated and it took me three years to recover. However, I am not satisfied with the work at the project centre even though it is doing well. I want to be an ERP / SAP consultant. Will I get a job as a consultant if I do relevant courses or will my age and mobility be a hindrance?

Name withheld

A: Based on your current qualification and with some certification in the ERP domain, I am sure you would be able to get a job as a consultant. Yes, mobility will prove to be a hindrance because as a consultant you would need to visit client sites for process mapping exercises. I think you should speak to an ERP counsellor and choose a module based on your education.

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