HR MATTERS 10-07-2007

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  • Published 10.07.07

Q: I am a 26-year-old BCom graduate. I used to work in the customer care section of Metro Cash and Carry India (Pvt.) Ltd. Recently my company has closed down due to legal problems. I am finding it difficult to get a job in the wholesale sector. What should I do?

Somnath Sarkar

A:It is unfortunate that your company has closed down but I am unable to understand why you cannot get a job. Sometimes, however, finding a new job when you are suddenly out of a job does become a problem.

But I am sure you have gained valuable experience from your organisation, which would help you land a job. You need to analyse why you are not getting a job and then maybe modify your CV accordingly, so that it reflects your work experience.

Q: I’m 38 years old and am working for Reliance Retail. I have recently enrolled for an MBA at NIS Sparta. Will this help me in my job? If yes, what should I specialise in?

Prasenjit Kumar Sinha

A:It is probably too late in life to start studying again. So I am not sure if these courses would be of any help to you at this age. But it is commendable that even at this age you have taken this step.

Several institutions now offer specialised training in retail management. I think retail would be the most suitable subject to pursue, since you can enhance your experience with the education you gain and better your career prospects in the field.

Q:I am a science graduate and also have a postgraduate diploma in IT. I have been working for a pharma company for the last four years and now want to shift to the IT sector. How should I go about it?

Kakoli Choudhury

A:The field of IT is an ever-changing one with new technologies emerging every six months. Your qualification in IT is just four years old.

In your present organisation, if you are working in the IT department, shifting to an IT company would not be too much of a problem. But if you are not working in the IT department, shifting to an IT company might prove difficult if your skills are not up-to-date.

In case your current skills are not up-to-date, you would need to update your skills and then go job hunting.

Q:I am a teacher with work experience of more than 10 years. I have done an MA in comparative literature as well as a BEd and want to be a counsellor. What courses should I take up to become a counsellor?

Kaushiki Ghatak

A:I think that being a counsellor is an art and does not need any formal education. A counsellor’s job is about understanding issues and arriving at a plausible solution with the person concerned. This requires a different set of skills.

If you think you have the ability to solve problems and have an analytical mind (keeping your experience as a teacher in mind), you would be suited for the job of a counsellor.

Q:I worked in the marketing department of an MNC for almost 16 years. Though I had a good track record and had received a number of appreciation awards, my career growth was slow since I didn’t have a management degree.

So, I resigned and started my own business which is now doing fine. But I still feel that I should probably do an MBA (through ICFAI or IGNOU). Is it advisable? If yes, where can I do it from?

K. Raghavan

A: A management degree is essentially needed for developing managerial skills.

In an organisation, where people are from diverse backgrounds, benchmarking among the peers is part of the promotion process.

That probably could be one reason why in spite of doing well and being appreciated, you didn’t manage to progress as you would have wished to. But these 16 years must have taught you several things which no one can ever take away from you and which is precisely why you are successful in your own venture.

I do not see why you should do an MBA if you wish to continue with your own venture. You don’t need it and it would just amount to a waste of time in your case.

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