HR MATTERS 09-03-2010

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By SANJAY ROY CHOWDHURY Managing director, Gray Matters Consulting Pvt. Ltd
  • Published 9.03.10

Q: I am a 30-year-old BTech in chemical engineering. I have also done postgraduation in information technology. I have worked in information technology training, insurance and marketing. I want to do BEd as I want to be in the education field but my friends advice me to do an MBA. What should I do?

Jouliya Sarkar

A: It is good that you have identified your strengths. Most of us are unable to do so due to various reasons. A BEd would be of help if you would want to be in the education field. Calcutta University has an upper age limit of 35 years for BEd, so it won’t be a problem for you. If you have teaching experience of three years, then you can also enrol in the BEd course of Indira Gandhi National Open University. You can also explore other institutions.

Q: I completed BTech in instrumentation engineering in 2007. I worked for two years in a company dealing with analytical instruments. Now, I want to do an MBA through correspondence but am confused as to which subject to specialise in. Please help.

Monojit Mitra

A: There are several subjects you can specialise in MBA and it does not depend on your past education. It depends rather on what you would like to do and in which field you want to succeed. If you want to augment your past education with an MBA, you could specialise in operations management. It would have a direct correlation with your engineering degree. Since you would like to pursue MBA through correspondence, you could approach institutions which offer distance learning courses.

Q:I am a 30-year-old commerce graduate with six years’ experience in sales and marketing. I recently switched from sales and marketing to customer relations. I want to know whether this change will affect my career? Since I have been working in the hospitality industry, do I need a degree in hotel or travel management to rise up the ladder?

Rahul Bose

A: It is a good move to have some experience in customer relations, even if you want to be in sales. This is because you would be in a better position to understand the value chain when you are back in the sales role. This shift will not affect your career. Having a degree in hotel management or tourism would definitely help you in future.

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