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  • Published 8.09.09

Q: I completed MCA from the West Bengal University of Technology in 2007. I then worked in Bangalore in the information technology sector for 14 months. I have worked as a C# and an programmer but I do not have any software development experience. I quit my job in February and came to Calcutta. I have not found a suitable job so far. I am looking for jobs in the banking or public sectors. Do I need to pursue Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist certification?

Subhasis Bose

A: I think you were looking for a job when organisations had virtually stopped recruiting. If you try again now, you would get a job of your choice. Pursuing another certification course would depend on the requirements of the job.

Q:I have a BTech degree and an MBA in marketing. I worked as a product executive and fragrance evaluator for around five years but had to give up my job because of family commitments in 2003. I now wish to resume working, preferably on a part-time basis. Most of the consultants I have approached have expressed their inability to help me. What chances do I have of getting a job after a break of seven years?

Vishakha Karmarkar

A:These are unique skills and unless you have lost touch with your area of work, the seven-year break should not be much of an issue. Since you have worked in the field earlier, it would be easier if you approach the relevant organisations directly and seek appointment for a vacancy.

Q:I am 34 years old. I have completed BCom and MBA. I also hold a postgraduate diploma in human resources management and information technology. I have 14 years’ experience in teaching in a college. I want to switch over to the private sector. How do I go about it?

K. Chakraborty

A: It will be extremely difficult for you to switch over to the private sector. Since you are in the teaching profession and have an MBA degree, you can look for opportunities in the training and development department of organisations.

This is the only department wherein your education and experience will be of use to an organisation.

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