HR MATTERS 02-11-2010

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  • Published 2.11.10

Q: I am an MA in English and have seven years’ experience in the pharmaceutical sector. I want to quit this sector because of health problems. I have good communication skills. Will it be suitable for me to join the BPO sector?

Subhadip Das

A: You can definitely join the BPO sector or any other sector if you are looking for office jobs. You could also consider requesting your boss for a desk job for a year, recover, and then resume your normal work. If you do not like your current job, then this is a good time to seek change.

Q: I am 29 years old and am currently working as a web content writer. Sometimes, I also work as an off-page SEO technician. I have completed DOEACC A Level and MBA in marketing. I want to work in the IT field. What courses would be ideal for me? Should I do any course in journalism, or an MSc (IT) or MCA?

Biswajit Ganguly

A:You should be in a regular job by now as it will help you gain requisite experience and insight to decide on your likings and career direction. You will also be able to judge what is good for you.

Q: I am a commerce graduate and have completed a postgraduate diploma in finance and marketing. I have two years’ experience in finance and accounting. However, as I have completed MBA with specialisation in finance, I want to work in core finance. Do I need to do a chartered financial analyst (CFA) course? I am interested in fund management, financial analysis and credit risk.

Sudip Mondal

A: I think you do not need to do a CFA course right now. The most prudent step would be to search for a job that would give you maximum exposure to finance. You can join any industry in the banking and financial sector or look for consulting jobs.

Q: I am 24 years old and have completed engineering in electronics and telecommunication with first class. I have also completed MBA from the Bengal Engineering and Science University. I am not getting jobs in the manufacturing sector due to lack of experience. If I join as an engineer, will my MBA be counted for promotion? What are my prospects?

Priyam Chowdhury

A:There is no point in starting as an engineer, which would be a grade lower than your qualification. You should join the manufacturing sector as a management trainee where your engineering knowledge and MBA could be used.

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