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Nandankanan vets give tips to help Dalma’s captive jumbo to deal with arthriti

Champa, is undergoing infrared ray treatment for her affected legs to overcome the arthritic syndrome

Kumud Jenamani Jamshedpur Published 29.09.21, 09:36 PM
Arthritic Champa getting infrared ray at Dalma wildlife sanctuary on Wednesday.

Arthritic Champa getting infrared ray at Dalma wildlife sanctuary on Wednesday. Animesh Sengupta

Champa, one of the two captive elephants lodged at the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, is suffering from seline arthritis and is unable to sleep by folding its legs.

After the 52-year-old pachyderm's condition deteriorated, the Dalma wildlife sanctuary authorities engaged a team of vets to treat her. From Wednesday, Champa is getting infrared rays in her affected legs so that the arthritic syndrome can be subsided and she can get a fresh lease of life.


One of the vets, Rajesh Kumar Singh, who attends to Champa regularly, said they started giving infrared rays to the elephant after video-conferencing with the vets of Bhubaneswar-based zoological park "Nandan Kanan."

"Having taken tips from the vets in Nandan Kanan, we have started not only giving Champa the infrared ray, but also indigenous oil massage besides certain vitamins. We hope the elderly elephant will recover soon from the sickness," said Singh to The Telegraph Online.

Champa is lodged along with an adult elephant Rajni at Makulakocha village in the foothills of Dalma about eight kilometres away from the heart of the steel city.

Divisional forest officer, Dalma wildlife sanctuary, Abhishek Kumar said that the remarkable difference between Champa and Rajni is that while Rajni can sleep by folding its four legs in the night, Champa keeps on standing.

"Champa has not slept with folded legs since the past one year. She has to sleep by standing only as she cannot fold her legs due to arthritis. As a result of it, Champa has become very weak," said Kumar to The Telegraph Online.

The DFO said an average life span of an elephant is 60 years. He pointed out as Champa is now 52 years only, they are trying their best to make the captive elephant complete its lifespan.

Elderly people are more susceptible to disease, syndrome, injuries and sickness than the adults. The same phase happens to come to the animals, including jumbos.

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