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Centre for Environment and Energy Development enters into an agreement with Open Energy Transition

Agreement will enable state to undertake cutting-edge research to strengthen process of energy security and low-carbon development pathways in Jharkhand

Animesh Bisoee Jamshedpur Published 22.05.23, 05:17 AM
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The Centre for Environment and Energy Development (CEED), an NGO partnering Jharkhand in sustainable just transition, has entered into an agreement with the German open-source solution provider Open Energy Transition (OET) to support energy transition in the state.

The agreement inked on Friday will enable the state to undertake cutting-edge research to strengthen the process of energy security and low-carbon development pathways in Jharkhand.


“Since CEED has been functioning as a technical partner to the task force of Jharkhand government on sustainable just transition, the pact will help the state in unfolding the avenues of the energy transition through open source energy modelling and renewable resources potential mapping based research,” a statement issued by CEED stated on Friday.

The pact was signed by CEED chief executive officer Ramapati Kumar and his OET counterpart Maximilian Parzen, who is also co-creator of the PyPSA meets Earth Initiative.

Announcing the agreement, Kumar said: "We are glad to engage with OET, which is a reputed institution and the creator of an open-source and open data modelling platform ‘PyPSA meets Earth Initiative’ that integrates and links macro-economic and energy system models."

"The overall purpose of this association is to build a bottom-up energy model for Jharkhand by utilising open-source tools along with the simulation and analyses of various long-term scenarios for the energy sector in the state. Usually, such research happens at a national-global level, but we are doing it at the sub-national level for Jharkhand, which is a first-of-its-kind initiative among states in India," added Kumar.

He said the partnership will help in undertaking collaborative energy system analyses, with the creation of an open repository that will prepare an energy database for present and future applications. Essentially, the joint work will help the task force and the state government to augment the initiatives on energy transition in Jharkhand.

“We are excited to collaborate with CEED in facilitating the solution-driven research on the energy transition. Together with CEED, we take a holistic approach to envisioning energy transition scenarios, incorporating techno-economic perspectives to inform the development of cross-sectoral roadmaps,” said Parzen.

“These road maps serve as valuable guides for governments and organisations seeking to prioritise cleaner energy initiatives and foster a low-carbon economy. By utilising our open technology solutions, stakeholders gain the freedom to explore various options and make informed decisions, while also benefiting from efficient and independent planning for the future,” Parzen added.

OET is a non-profit organisation and an open-source solution provider that offers various services to empower people and organisations to accelerate energy transition. It is widely known as the co-creator of the open-source and open data modelling platform ‘PyPSA meets Earth Initiative’.

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