Two-day ultimatum for blood sample

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  • Published 15.05.12

New Delhi, May 14: Delhi High Court has asked Congress veteran N.D. Tiwari to submit his blood sample within two days in a paternity suit or have it forcibly taken by police.

Tiwari has so far managed to avoid submitting any DNA sample in the four-year-old suit filed by Rohit Shekhar, who claims to be his biological son.

Today, deciding an application in which Shekhar voiced fears that Tiwari might leave the country, Justice Reva Khetrapal directed the 86-year-old to either submit the sample in two days or have it taken forcibly by the police.

The judge said Shekhar’s apprehension was justified and added that she would restrain the veteran leader from leaving the country.

She asked Tiwari’s counsel to either get his client to voluntarily give the sample or face the might of the law. “It is deemed expedient that the time of two days be granted to defendant No. 1 (Tiwari) to inform whether he voluntarily wants to give blood sample for the DNA test or the court will have to take recourse to police force. List the matter on May 16.”