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Techie kills newborn that wife refused to abort

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  • Published 13.03.09

Chennai, March 13: A software engineer has been charged with killing his four-day-old daughter by throwing her into a well because his wife had refused to abort the child.

Chennai police have arrested S. Niranjankumar, a 29-year-old employed with Cisco in Bangalore, who allegedly harassed wife Sangeetha, 22, to have the abortion so she could continue working.

Fed up, Sangeetha moved to her parents’ home in Chennai seven months ago. But Niranjankumar kept up the pressure, urging her through emails to abort the baby. He is also alleged to have demanded Rs 5 lakh in extra dowry.

On March 9, Sangeetha’s parents informed Niranjankumar she had delivered a girl. Last evening, the engineer arrived at the hospital with his father and mother, chatted with his in-laws and wife in a way that hid his real feelings, and took the mother and child to his parents’ home in Chennai.

But around 3am today, Sangeetha woke up to find her baby missing. After she told Niranjankumar, he is alleged to have replied: “The baby is sleeping inside the well.”

When a perplexed Sangeetha asked what he meant, Niranjankumar said he had flung the baby into the well because she had refused to listen to him and abort. A hysterical Sangeetha informed her parents, who filed a police complaint.

Fire services personnel, brought in by the police, later recovered the infant’s body, wrapped in a towel, from the well.

The police said Niranjankumar had admitted to the crime. He is said to have told officers he killed the baby to teach his wife and in-laws a lesson. His parents are also being questioned to find out if they were involved.

“It is the most gruesome act any father can resort to. We will make sure he gets the maximum punishment,” said Selvakumar, inspector of the Chooliamedu police station.

Sangeetha’s father R. Balasubramaniam said he and his daughter had been fooled by Niranjankumar’s “kind words” at the hospital yesterday. “We really believed he was a changed man and loved his daughter. So, we allowed our daughter and the baby to go with him,” Balasubramaniam said at the police station.