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Special force to hunt Naxalites

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  • Published 1.01.06

New Delhi, Jan. 1: The Union home ministry has asked the CRPF to raise a specialist wing, like the Grey Hounds in Andhra Pradesh, to hunt down Naxalites.

CRPF director-general J.K. Sinha said the force is training 11 specialist companies of around 1,350 men. They would soon be in a position to go on hunting missions, he said.

“The best boys have been picked up from several battalions and are undergoing strict and special army training at Silchar training school. Unlike our regular forces, they are being trained to be on their own in the most inhospitable terrain for 15 days at a stretch,” Sinha said.

“We intend to send one company to each of the 11 Naxalite-affected states. Like the Grey Hounds, they will be on the job continuously which means 10-15 days’ tracking missions, 10-15 days’ training and then back on the job.”

Home ministry sources said there are plans to use the force in selective operations of the joint task forces that have been raised in nine Naxalite-hit states. “Depending on the necessity, we may ask more than one company or even all 11 companies to concentrate in one area only,” said a senior home ministry official.