SC nudge on number plates

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  • Published 8.05.08

New Delhi, May 8: States and Union territories must tell the Supreme Court within six months how they plan to implement a system of high-security number plates for all vehicles.

The electronic, tamper-proof number plates will allow the authorities to monitor the movement of every vehicle through the global positioning system, helping trace stolen cars and also, perhaps, prevent crime and terror attacks.

The court directive came today in response to a petition that complained that the plan, drawn up by the Centre in 2001, has kept being delayed.

Petitioner Maninder Singh Bitta, who heads the Anti-terrorist Front, argued the scheme would be a deterrent against vehicles being used for rape, murder, robbery and kidnappings. It would also help the police solve such crimes quickly. “The system was devised to ensure public safety and security,” Bitta said.