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Pushy papa's girl grows up & hits back - Estranged from parents, Amisha sends legal notice to father demanding crores

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  • Published 25.07.04

Mumbai, July 25: Fathers opposed to the man in her life seem to be her problem.

In Gadar — Ek Prem Katha, actor Amisha Patel defied her stern Muslim patriarch to marry her Sikh sweetheart. In real life, Amisha has slapped a legal notice on her father for Rs 12 crore.

The notice, sent by lawyer Vibhav Krishna, charges Amisha’s father Amit with mismanagement of her property that amounts to Rs 12 crore, including money and assets.

It asks Amit to settle Amisha’s accounts, failing which the actor will drag him to court. “There are people trying to negotiate on the matter, but since Amisha’s father has been away for long, there has not been much progress,” said Krishna.

An acquaintance said the actor, who debuted with Kaho Naa Pyar Hai, has been barred from all her income because of her reported relationship with filmmaker Vikram Bhatt. The acquaintance said Amisha did not have any money — even the mobile phone was in her father’s name. This was reportedly done to prevent her from getting out of her parents’ control and marrying Bhatt. Amisha, who used to live with her parents, moved out of their home to live in a rented flat.

The filmmaker’s mother had lodged a complaint with police against Amit and Asha — Amisha’s mother — alleging they had threatened her with dire consequences if her son did not stay away from their daughter.

The actor and her father were not available for comment. Amisha’s family is in denial over the matter. The woman who answered Asha’s mobile said the report of a legal notice is false and the family would not speak on the matter.

Parents may allow their daughters to wear the tiniest tank tops, or nothing, or their sons to run after any number of women, but it is still a problem in Bollywood when the star tries to grow up and have a life.

But some of the biggest stars seem to prefer remaining babies and love having mummy and daddy in control.

It is de rigeur for dad Rakesh Roshan to be there when son Hrithik signs a contract. Anyone who has dealt with Vivek Oberoi, on the occasions of his several emotional outbursts and accidents, knows how important a voice daddy Suresh Oberoi’s is in his life.

Rani Mukherjee will do nothing without consulting her mother. Salman Khan recently went on record during a television interview with the editor of a national daily that he would not have appeared for the interview if his scriptwriter father Salim Khan had not asked him to.

Sometimes it goes against the parents, as with the Shetty fiasco. Actor Shilpa Shetty’s parents Surendra and Sunanda are fighting charges of extortion to recover the money due to their daughter for a modelling assignment. They have been accused of hiring goons to extort money from the owners of Surat-based Prafful Sarees, for which Shilpa did a campaign. Surendra was known to have had taken the call on money matters pertaining to his daughter and Shilpa did not mind.

But some did. With the gutsiest, the matter actually landed in court. In the early ’60s, Nutan dragged her actor-mother Shobhana Samarth to court for misappropriation of funds. The two did not speak to each other for the next 20 years.

In other cases, the matter did not reach the court but the domestic scene turned ugly. As in Sridevi’s case, where there was a prolonged dispute between the actor and her sister over Sridevi’s property.

Actor Divya Bharati — the young actor on the verge of a very promising career in the ’90s — who died in mysterious circumstances, was said to have been driven to despair by her demanding mother.