Left to PM: Reverse economics

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 27.10.08

New Delhi, Oct. 26 (PTI): The Left today asked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to reverse his government’s economic policies, responding to his desire to work with the estranged allies in the future.

Reacting to Singh’s statement yesterday to accompanying journalists on his way back from China that he would like to work with the Left for secularism and national unity, CPM politburo member Sitaram Yechury said “if the concern for secularism is so sincere, then all this should have been thought before rushing into surrender to the US” on the nuclear deal.

He asked the Prime Minister to reconsider his economic policies.

CPI leader D. Raja said unless the Prime Minister and the Congress-led government reversed its politics and got out of the Indo-US nuclear deal, it would be difficult to work with them.

He said the government should reverse its economic reforms and stop pursuing strategic ties with the US.

Yechury said it was “our pressure that prevented the government from going in for a full capital account convertibility and enact laws to open up insurance and banking sectors. Had it happened, we would have been ruined today.”

Raja said it was because of the Left’s opposition that the government could not proceed with full rupee convertibility or put pension funds into the stock market.