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Entire world knows him as a clown: Giriraj Singh's jab at Rahul Gandhi over remarks on PM Modi

During his ongoing US tour, the Congress leader said in Santa Clara that there are people in India who think they know more than God and PM Modi is “one such specimen”

PTI Anand Published 01.06.23, 05:28 PM
Giriraj Singh

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The entire world knows Congress leader Rahul Gandhi as a “clown” and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s personality is beyond his comprehension, said Union minister Giriraj Singh Thursday, slamming the opposition leader over his recent remarks on Modi.

Singh, who handles the Rural Development and Panchayati Raj portfolio in the Modi government at the Centre, was speaking to the media after addressing the 42nd convocation ceremony of the Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA) here in Gujarat.


During his ongoing US tour, Gandhi said in Santa Clara that there are people in India who think they know more than God and PM Modi is “one such specimen”. He added, “If you sat Modiji with God, he will explain to God how the universe works and God will get confused about what have I created.” Gandhi himself is clueless about what he speaks, said the minister.

“The entire world knows him as a ‘maskhara’ (clown). His grandmother (Indira Gandhi) had once said in Parliament that India’s PM represents the entire country on foreign soil. On the other hand, her grandson is casting aspersions on India (during his foreign visits),” said Singh.

Terming Gandhi’s US tour ‘gaali yatra’, Singh said that the entire world gives respect to Modi and barring China and Pakistan, heads of all other nations are keen to shake hands with India’s PM.

“At least Rahul Gandhi remembered God (while criticising Modi). Otherwise, he was always into appeasement, be it wearing a skull cap or attending iftars. Now, he wears janeu (sacred thread) outside his suit and remembers Brahmaji. Modi’s personality is beyond his comprehension,” said the BJP leader.

Asked about why political conversations revolve more around religion rather than development nowadays, Singh said his party is never into such politics.

“BJP never believes in the politics of Hindu-Muslim. We are into the politics of development. The scale of development during the last nine years (under Modi) is far more than what we have witnessed in the past. Personally, I feel that the day the population of ‘sanatanis’ decreases, India and its democracy will also weaken,” said Singh.

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