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By Rajesh Roshan's Julie tunes roll off the tongue in Kannada! LATA SINHA
  • Published 13.01.06

“One reason why I did Julie in Kannada was because I got to sing Rajesh Roshan’s immortal tunes, Dil kya kare and Julie I love you, from the Hindi Julie ?though in Kannada, a lingo I don’t really know,” laughs Dino Morea, currently dubbing and biting his nails for the release of his new dance film, Holiday, where he plays a salsa instructor.

“I love singing and dancing. In fact, this week I was called on Zee’s music show, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, to be a guest judge. I was blown by the talent of the kids, specially Vinit and Himani. The minute they opened their mouths to sing, time stood still,” says Dino appreciatively. “Where do we actors get singers like Himani and Vinit and songs like the ones in Julie?”

The producers of the Kannada version of Julie acquired the rights for Rajesh Roshan’s Hindi songs. This is the first time that songs from a Hindi film are being transcreated for a regional remake. “I did Julie in Kannada because I’m from Bangalore, also because they needed just seven days of my schedule. But most importantly because of the songs?And, yes, I was paid well.”

Dino has stipulated in his contract that the film won’t be dubbed into any language or released in Mumbai. “I’m aware the original Julie was made in several South Indian languages. But not in Kannada. This is the first time in that language. And the girl Spandana who plays the title role in place of the original actress Laxmi is very good.”

All of Karnataka is agog about Dino’s special friendship with Spandana, too. “She’s a very sweet, very well brought-up girl from a cultured family. We did get along well. But, please, we had no scene together. And we’re certainly not seeing each other. Off the record, I’m very much single right now.”