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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 1.09.06

Uttam Kumar’s birth anniversary is just round the corner (September 3). And here’s a whole range of work he’s left for us to savour.

Directed by Agradoot, this Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen starrer, Trijama (Angel; VCD Rs 199) is worth a re-watch. This is a story of a girl, Suchitra, who’s unable to get her love, Uttam Kumar’s attention, however much she tries. But she, a silent type, suffers quietly. Uttam loves another woman who’s rich as well as beautiful, Anubha Gupta. But when with a sudden turn of fate he loses everything, his lady love Anubha leaves him too, and settles for a richer man. This acts as an eye-opener and soon Uttam is back to where he belongs, in Suchitra’s arms. Some nice songs and a touching story makes for an Uttam-Suchitra hit, no doubt.

Listening to songs from Mahanayak Uttam Kumar’s films is a treat still. Now if you get to view the same it’s a double delight. But if it’s available at the price of audio-cassettes it’s a triple treat. So here’s Shudhu Uttam Vol. 1 and 2 (Angel; VCD Rs 69 each). Volume 1 has the choicest songs from Uttam Kumar’s films and to add to the visual treat you have the most romantic numbers picturised on the all-time-hit duo Uttam-Suchitra in films like Indrani (Neer chhoto khoti nei), Bipasha (Aami sapne tomaye dekhechhi), Pathe holo deri (E shudhu gaaner din, Palash aar Krishnachura), Sagarika (Eei modhu raat, E to aamar prothom). The VCD also has solos as well as songs from Anthony Firinghee (Champa chameli golapero baage) with Tanuja, Prithibi Amare Chaye (Nishi raat baka chand akashe) with Mala Sinha among others.

When we think of songs picturised on Uttam Kumar we think of Hemanta Mukhopadhyay but here’s a plus. Very few can actually recall a song, Sagar sangame, from Jeeban Trishna sung by Bhupen Hazarika and picturised on him. That apart there are songs by Manna Dey, too. This collector’s edition has 18 choicest songs.

The second volume, too, has 18 songs from films like Indrani (Surja dobar pala), Shapmochan (Surer akashe tumi je go shukhotara), Jeeban Mrityu (Kono kotha na bole), Surjotoron (Tumi to jano na), Chhadmabeshi (Aaro dure cholo jai), Mem Shaheb (Tumi sandhya akashe) among others. A generous dose of Uttam-Suchitra, Hemanta-Sandhya pairs are available in this VCD as well. The treat continues.

If you can only associate the term ‘romantic’ with Uttam Kumar, think again. Or better still, take a look at Hanshir Toofan (Angel; VCD Rs 99). This is a compilation of some of the hilarious situational comedies from some hit Uttam Kumar films. Films like Mouchak, Chhadmabesi, Share Chuattor and Brajabuli feature in this album. Can anybody forget the scene from Chhadmabeshi where in a driver’s disguise Uttam Kumar drives Bikash Roy completely mad with his innocent queries about the language English. Or the hilarious scene in Brajabuli, where Uttam Kumar, clad in a dhoti, takes up the challenge to fight the champion fighter in the ring.