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Delhi government introduces stringent guidelines to combat dust pollution crisis

Over 200 government and private representatives convene to discuss and implement 14-point plan to reduce dust pollution in the national capital

Our Web Desk New Delhi Published 25.09.23, 08:32 PM
Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai holds a meeting with government and private construction agencies at Delhi Secretariat

Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai holds a meeting with government and private construction agencies at Delhi Secretariat Telegraph Online

In a significant move to combat the persistent air pollution crisis in Delhi, Environment Minister Gopal Rai on Monday, led a crucial meeting with over 200 representatives from government and private construction agencies. The objective was to establish stringent measures to curb dust pollution, a major contributor to the city's deteriorating air quality. The Delhi government, under the leadership of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, is resolute in its commitment to improving the city's air quality.

The meeting emphasised adherence to a comprehensive set of 14-point guidelines aimed at preventing dust pollution. The minister emphasised that strict action would be taken against both government and private agencies failing to comply with the prescribed norms. He further stressed the importance of on-site training for construction workers to ensure thorough understanding and implementation of the guidelines.


Highlighting the gravity of the pollution issue and its impact on the populace, Rai urged collective efforts in the battle to preserve the well-being of current and future generations. He emphasised the importance of fulfilling individual responsibilities with utmost sincerity to combat this critical challenge.

The 14-point guidelines issued to government and private construction agencies encompass various measures to curb dust pollution. Key directives include erecting dust/wind-breaking walls around construction sites, mandatory installation of anti-smog guns for larger construction areas, and effective covering of vehicles transporting construction materials.

Additionally, stringent guidelines focus on responsible waste management, use of wet jets during grinding and cutting of building materials, and appropriate paving of roads leading to construction sites. The guidelines also prioritize the provision of protective gear such as anti-dust masks for workers and proper medical assistance arrangements at construction sites.

Gopal Rai further affirmed that the Delhi Government is preparing a comprehensive winter action plan, encompassing 15 focal points to combat pollution during the winter season. Installation of anti-smog guns on construction sites with an area equal to or exceeding 5,000 square meters will be made mandatory under this plan.

The Delhi government's proactive stance and determination to enforce robust measures to tackle air pollution have garnered widespread attention, setting a precedent for other regions grappling with similar environmental challenges. As the nation collectively grapples with air quality concerns, Delhi's initiatives stand as a beacon of hope and determination towards a cleaner and healthier future.

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