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Flower growers in exemption plea

East and West Midnapore flower supply were suffering losses of over Rs 5 lakh every day

By Anshuman Phadikar in Tamluk(EastMidnapore)
  • Published 5.04.20, 3:27 AM
  • Updated 5.04.20, 3:27 AM
  • a min read
A flower farm in East Midnapore Telegraph picture

The Bengal Floriculturists and Flower Sellers’ Association has submitted a written petition to the chief minister’s agricultural adviser and the state horticultural department requesting exemptions on the sale of flowers.

Members of the association said that taken together, flower growers in East and West Midnapore who account for nearly half of Bengal’s flower supply were suffering losses of over Rs 5 lakh a day because of the lockdown.

Wholesalers, who take the bulk of the produce to Calcutta, have not been able to operate, throwing into disarray the supply chain.

On top of that, growers are having to pay workers Rs 1,000 a day to pluck flowers, otherwise the trees will die.

“We are requesting an exemption, even if temporary or in pockets, similar to what vegetable and fruit farmers are getting,” said association general secretary Narayan Chandra Naik.

The chief minister’s agricultural adviser, Pradip Mazumdar, said he had already submitted a proposal on an exemption for flower growers and vendors to the state’s general exemption committee.

“I am yet to hear back from them,” he said.