Tear and Wear

Spare yourself shoulder pain with these tips...

Mobile detox for concentration

Parents need to encourage an hour of physical activity in the fresh air daily...

Stretching truths

It isn’t always useful to do stretches before working out...

Dandruff decoded

It is typically identified by white itchy flakes seen on the hair and shed on the clothes....

Double Jeopardy Men

Why men stay away from therapy and why that should change...

When PCOS gets in the way

Ensure that the habit of exercising is ingrained in girls by the age of five...

Health  /  Published 06.11.18

Sleep less?

Struggling to nod off may be genetic, but can nurture beat nature?...
By Charlotte Lytton / The Daily Telegraph

Health  /  Published 03.11.18

Hala Okeili is Yoga's ambassador in Beirut

The founder of Lebanon-based Sarvam Yoga also demonstrated some asanas...
By As told to Ushnota Paul

India  /  Published 28.10.18

Hope for stiff-spine patients

The standard therapy involves a set of medicines that block the tumour necrosis factor, a biochemical that drives inflammation...
By G.S. Mudur

Health  /  Published 27.10.18

Break The chain of addiction

A full recovery from addiction is possible with determination, self-compassion and patience...
By Sangbarta Chattopadhyay & Namita Bhuta

Health  /  Published 10.10.18

Grandmother knew best, says this nutritionist

She picks the traditional eating habits that have always been good for your health...
By Rushati Mukherjee

Health  /  Published 09.10.18

Beware of steroids

Steroids are widely misused by doctors, quacks and practitioners of alternative medicine because they produce quick response to treatment...
By Dr Gita Mathai

Health  /  Published 09.10.18

There is no magic pill for cancer cure

Don’t fall for rosy promises of miraculous cancer cure that some alternative therapists make. Opt for proven and evidence-based treatment...
By Jane E. Brody, New York Times News Service

Health  /  Published 06.10.18

Runners, improve both endurance and speed

Athlete coach Kaushik Talukdar gives you expert advice on hitting the road to strength...
By Kaushik Talukdar

India  /  Published 23.09.18

Try this cocktail for cholesterol and BP

Researchers say their studies have shown curd bacteria can reduce cholesterol levels in petri dishes...
By Our Special Correspondent in New Delhi

Health  /  Published 18.09.18

The miracle vitamin

Cooking destroys Vitamin B6 from your food. Here's why a supplement is important...
By Dr Gita Mathai


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