Cycling is the new gymming!

While some have been cycling to keep fit, others have been doing so to commute while avoiding public transport...

Take it to heart

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the number one cause of death on this planet and claims 17.9 million lives eac...

Cope with hope

It was a rude shock. May be it shouldn’t have been, but it was. Even after all the precautions, safety m...

The C-trap: India’s breast cancer research

In times such as these it seems sacrilegious to write about any disease that is not Covid-19. There is a gener...

Natural remedies for allergy

Q. My 5-year-old son suffers constantly from allergies. He itches all over, sneezes and wheezes. He is on anti...

Screen eye-rony

The pandemic has obviously changed the way we live. We are spending our lives in the virtual world — wor...

Science  /  Published 03.02.19

A ‘gut’ feel drives HIV battle

A group of Indian researchers has proposed additional therapeutic strategies to treat a string of ailments observed in HIV patients that they say may have a common source.The group from Jawaharlal Neh...
By G.S. Mudur in New Delhi

Health  /  Published 02.02.19

Soak in the sun for some vitamin D

Vitamin D — also known as the sunshine vitamin — is extremely important and has multiple effects on several systems in the body. Yet, the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency gets reported worldwide...
By Shikha Prakash in

Opinion  /  Published 25.01.19

Medical report on diet evades issues of choice

The way to the heart is, apparently, through the stomach. Would that, then, mean that food habits all over the world have to change, given that cardiovascular diseases — the result of an unhealthy d...
By The Editorial Board in

Health  /  Published 24.12.19

Physiotherapy best for frozen shoulder

Usually, lifting your arms over your head or reaching for objects is effortless. Yet, excruciating pain prevents this action in 70 per cent people at some stage in their lives — after a sudden fall,...
By Dr Gita Mathai in

Food  /  Published 24.12.19

Turkey yes, cranberry sauce no. Healthy options for X-Mas

Christmas season brings with it rich and delicious treats that few of us can say no to. We end up overindulging, bidding bye to diet and exercise rhythms we have painstakingly mastered over months. We...
By Prasun Chaudhuri in

Health  /  Published 16.01.19

Food that is best for baby

The World Health Organization has recommended that babies be exclusively breastfed for the first six months. This means no “top-up” bottle feeds with cow’s milk, formula or water. Breast milk gi...
By Dr Gita Mathai in

Health  /  Published 16.01.19

Miracle shot

Vaccines are among the most ingenious of inventions, and among the most maddening. Some global killers like smallpox and polio have been totally or nearly eradicated by products made with methods dati...
By New York Times News Service in

Health  /  Published 18.12.19

Side effects of drugs and their real dangers

About a month ago, I took myself off a medication without first contacting the doctor who prescribed it, a step I have often cautioned others never to do. A neurologist had put me on the anticonvulsan...
By Jane E. Brody/NYTS in

Health  /  Published 16.12.19

Tool for patients with dementia

Neurologists in Europe have proposed a computational tool to predict the survival probability of a person with dementia over three years that they say would help patients and their relatives “discus...
By Our Special Correspondent in New Delhi

Health  /  Published 08.01.19

High lipids? Change diet

q My lipids (cholesterol / triglycerides) are elevated. I have been started on statin. Why can’t I just adjust my diet? You can try adjusting your diet. Eat 1,500 to 2,000 calories per day. Reduce y...
By Dr Gita Mathai in


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