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Bald? Don’t lose hair

Gita Mathai answers your health queries
Since a theory says that rapid hair loss is caused by air pollutants, wash your hair with paraben-free shampoo every day after you return from work.

Dr Gita Mathai   |     |   Published 29.10.19, 06:49 PM

I am a 27-year-old male going rapidly bald. I am losing hair from the sides and top of my head.

It sounds like you have typical male pattern baldness, the rate and age of onset of which is genetically determined. Check your thyroid and liver functions and try iron, calcium, zinc and B complex supplements. Since a theory says that rapid hair loss is caused by air pollutants, wash your hair with paraben-free shampoo every day after you return from work. But I suggest that you learn to accept your genetic heritage.

Side effect

I am on continuous maintenance medication for breast cancer. I feel depressed all the time and suspect it may be due to the medication I take. I consulted a homoeopathic doctor, who prescribed a different medication for me.

Many allopathic and naturopathy medications interfere with the action of cancer medication. It is better to consult your physician and ask for antidepressants. He or she will prescribe drugs that will not react with your cancer medication. To reduce your requirement and duration of treatment, you could try natural ways to tackle depression such as aerobic exercise, meditation and yoga. Also, avoid alcohol as that tends to aggravate depression.

All that gas

My stomach feels bloated with gas. It is uncomfortable and I tend to pass gas loudly from both ends. Even my clothes feel tight.

Bloating is usually due to disturbances in intestinal movement caused by conditions such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), hypothyroidism or diabetes. There may be excess gas production from the food eaten. This may be due to a diet with an excess of pulses and legumes, or intolerance to milk and milk products. Most such cases respond to dietary changes and antacids.

Bloating may also be due to infection in the intestines caused by organisms such as giardia or worms. This requires specific treatment.

Dark circles

I have dark circles under the eyes. I want to get rid of them.

Dark circles may appear due to lack of restful sleep, allergies, smoking, anaemia or ageing. It may also be genetic. Some of these factors can be corrected with treatment. Improvement can occur with the external application of a mixture of cucumber and curd for 10 minutes every day

Eye twitch

My left eye twitches suddenly and uncontrollably. After some time it stops by itself.

Sudden twitches are common. They may be caused by lack of sleep, fatigue, stress, excess caffeine (from coffee, tea, cola or energy boosters) or smoking. Twitches are usually harmless but if they are associated with difficulty in walking or talking, or loss of bowel and bladder control, you need to see a physician.

Night blindness

I cannot see well at night, particularly when I am driving.

You might need to use or change your glasses. You may have developed an early cataract or lack Vitamin A. Consult an ophthalmologist for a diagnosis. In rare cases, night blindness may be caused by an inherent condition such as retinitis pigmentosa.

Back pain

I have back pain and bought an expensive massaging bed with rotating stones. I felt some relief initially but now I feel worse. The bed is helpful but you need to combine lying on it with physiotherapy to strengthen the muscles of your back. You need to do some aerobic exercise such as walking. You may need to lose weight. External application of pain-relieving sprays and ice are helpful. Also, continue any prescribed medication.


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