Monday, 30th October 2017

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Goldie gets ‘Rejectx’

'The show is not about American youngsters or Bollywood. It’s a thriller'

By Shama Bhagat
  • Published 11.10.19, 5:54 PM
  • Updated 11.10.19, 5:54 PM
  • a min read
A scene from the show (Source: ‘Rejectx’)

Goldie Behl, whose last directorial was Aarambh on television, is back with the musical show Rejectx on Zee5.

He says Rejectx reminds him of his younger days and at the same time he sees the same passion in the younger generation. Zee was instrumental in making of the show set on a campus in Singapore, he told The Telegraph.

“Neither has there been a series which could change the image of youngsters nor has there been a musical on the digital platform. When Zee gave me the go-ahead I was wondering how I could bring novelty to it...”

On the inspiration, he said: “Well it was not just about my young days, I got to look into my nephew’s eyes and my son’s eyes. I got a better understanding of their lives. The show is not about American youngsters or Bollywood. It’s a thriller.

“It was not just about drugs or alcohol. We deal with more serious issues like body shaming, gender fluidity and porn addiction which is a huge problem today. Suicidal tendencies, dysfunctional families and much more. After seeing the problems children face today I felt such stories need to be told.

“Children from various backgrounds come together in a school. Their views and their thoughts differ. How they handle it and resolve their differences is what the show is about. We have always seen international shows but we have had none in India.”

The director says he has not tried to give solutions: “What I have tried to show is how children can come out of rejection.”

“We also have music by Sneha Khanwalkar who has given some outstanding music. Sneha is one of the original talents we have here... I was lucky to find them because when you’re doing a show with newcomers, you need a certain level of credibility. In a way, they’re supporting and encouraging new talent,” he said.