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Priyanka Gandhi accuses PM Modi of 'double standard' on Chandrayaan-3 and women’s safety

Congress national general secretary highlights protests by HEC staff & women wrestlers

Animesh Bisoee Jamshedpur Published 23.05.24, 05:53 AM
Priyanka Gandhi matches steps with tribal women in Ranchi on Wednesday

Priyanka Gandhi matches steps with tribal women in Ranchi on Wednesday Picture by Manob Chowdhury

Congress national general secretary Priyanka Gandhi on Wednesday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of “double standard” on Chandrayaan-3 and women’s safety.

Campaigning in Ranchi for Congress candidate Yashaswini Sahay, Priyanka said: “The prime minister takes credit for the Chandrayaan launch but is silent on the unpaid salaries of HEC workers who contributed to the launch.”


Sahay is pitted against incumbent BJP MP Sanjay Seth for the May 25 polls.

Workers of the HEC, a Ranchi-based PSU, agitating for months over unpaid salaries, have claimed to have constructed the launching pads for the Chandrayaan-3 and Aditya L1 solar projects of the Isro.

On women’s safety, Priyanka said: “The prime minister clicks photos with Olympics medal-winning women wrestlers but when the same wrestlers allege sexual harassment against a BJP leader, the prime minister is silent and even gives Lok Sabha ticket to the accused’s son.”

On Modi’s corruption slurs on the Congress-JMM leaders in Jharkhand, Priyanka said: “Most media house owners are now controlled by his corporate friends....”

She alleged that the electoral bond scam was the biggest instance of corruption in the country and that corrupt leaders became clean in the BJP “washing machine”.

Earlier in the day, Priyanka held a rally in Godda to back candidate Pradeep Yadav, pitted against incumbent BJP MP Nishikant Dubey.

“Our candidate is with you... whereas the BJP candidate is an outsider who stays at the Taj hotel in Delhi with his business friends most of the time,” Priyanka alleged.

Repeating the Congress allegation of the BJP wanting to change the Constitution, Priyanka said: “The BJP has a time-tested strategy. First, they spread a message. When they see it has created controversy, they backtrack. But when they come in the majority, they specifically do it. It is the same with their intention of changing the Constitution which several of their leaders have hinted at but now the Prime Minister is denying. But if they come into power, they will surely do it and end reservations for the SC/ST and weaker sections. But we will not let it happen.”

She claimed former Jharkhand chief minister Hemant Soren was put behind bars in a false case.

“They (the BJP) do such things before polls so that they can buy MLAs.... However, Kalpana Soren (Soren’s wife) is fighting... like a lioness,” she said.

Priyanka said Modi’s “selected billionaire friends” had their eye on Jharkhand’s land, forest and mineral resources. Referring to the Adani Power Plant in Godda, she said: “Modiji gave land to his friend Adani. Factories came up on that land. But local people got neither jobs nor electricity. Electricity was given to Bangladesh.... Narendra Modi has handed over the country’s ports, airports, factories, mines to his friend Adani.”

Ranchi and Godda vote on May 25 and June 1, respectively

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