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Article 370 buried in 'kabristan', Congress should forget 'dream' of restoring it: PM Narendra Modi

"They are saying that we will restore Article 370 in Kashmir... This means once again a free run for terrorism and bloodshed in the Valley," he said

PTI Sonipat (Haryana) Published 18.05.24, 07:17 PM
Narendra Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Saturday kept up the attack on the Congress, saying it should forget the "dream" of bringing back Article 370 as it has been "buried" in the "kabristan (graveyard)".

Addressing a rally at Gohana, his second of the day in Haryana after one at Ambala, Modi referred to the Lok Sabha polls as a "Kurukshetra (battle)" in which "there is development on one hand and 'vote jihad' on the other".


Striking a chord with the locals, Modi referred to Gohana's famous "Matu Ram ki jalebi" to target the opposition INDIA bloc, saying it has a formula of having five prime ministers in five years if they come to power. "Ask them is the prime minister's post our Matu Ram ki jalebi," he told the crowd.

"In the 2024 'kurukshetra', there is development on one hand and 'vote jihad' on the other," he said. "I want to ask the people of Haryana... who will win?" He waited for the crowd to respond before saying, "Your reply has decided 'Phir Ek Baar'," and the crowd went, "Modi Sarkar." Modi said now the Congress is not even hiding its "desh-virodhi agenda (anti-national agenda)". They are saying openly what Modi did in 10 years they will reverse it if they come to power, he said.

But their "dream" of bringing Article 370 back will never be fulfilled, he added. "They are saying that we will restore Article 370 in Kashmir... This means once again a free run for terrorism and bloodshed in the Valley." "From the brave land of Haryana, I want to tell those associated with the Congress that only tricolour will fly in Kashmir now," he said.

"Forget the dream of bringing back 370 in Kashmir. And if you try to do it 'lene k dene padd jayenge' (you will to pay very heavy price)," he said. "Dhara 370 ki deewar hamne kabristan me gaad di hai....We have buried the hurdle of Article 370 in the kabristan (graveyard)." Earlier at the Ambala poll rally too, Modi attacked the Congress and said it was his "dhakad" (strong) government that removed the Article 370 impedient and as a result, Jammu and Kashmir is now moving on the path of progress.

Back at Gohana in Sonipat, Modi said the Congress is out of power for 10 years and therefore they are jittery. They are remembering their old days when the "shahi parivar" used to run government with a remote control, he said, adding all government schemes used to be in the name of only one family and there was corruption too.

'Firing at borders and ceasefire violations regular affair during cong rule'

During the Congress rule, he said, firing at the borders and ceasefire violations used to be in the headlines regularly.

But under his government, he said, the situation has changed even though the enemy is the same. It is not Modi, but the power of a vote of people which changed the situation, he added.

Modi said he gave the soldiers, including the brave soldiers from Haryana, guarding the borders a free hand.

The Congress and INDIA alliance are not able to digest these decisions, Modi said.

"They cannot see this situation of Pakistan. Now people associated with the Congress have become Pakistan's spokespersons and are saying the neighbouring country has nuclear bomb." "Tell me, should India be scared of Pakistan?" he asked the gathering."Ye Modi ka daur hai, hum ghar mein ghus ke marte hai (This is Modi's period, we hit the enemy inside its territory)." He railed against the opposition INDIA bloc, calling it a gang of the corrupt. (Jamaat of ghotalebaaz)." "They want power at any cost. And what is that cost? It is the country's security, stability and respect. And five prime ministers in five years. This is their formula to run the government," he said.

Congress manifesto has Muslim League imprint

"Will the country benefit, if there is new PM each year. What will they do? Will you allow the country to go back to that period of instability." Accusing the Congress of appeasement politics, Modi said its manifesto has Muslim League imprint. "It will X-ray your land, jewellery, will get property inquired, where is Mangalsutra, all of this property, which is in excess of your requirement, will be distributed among those who do Vote Jihad," he said.

"Will you allow your property to be snatched away? Will you allow those who do Vote Jihad have rights on your property." He also attacked the Congress by mentioning the 2006 remark then PM Manmohan Singh and on the issue of "inheritance tax".

Accusing the Congress of backstabbing Babasaheb B R Ambedkar and shredding the Constitution, Modi said the party wants to give reservation meant for SC, ST and OBC to Muslims.

"They have started this in Karnataka. After forming the government, they declared all Muslims as OBC and as a result, they robbed the OBC of their share, looted a big chunk of it while the original OBC were left in the lurch," said Modi.

He also alleged the Congress created as many obstacles as it could in the Ram Temple construction to make those who do 'Vote Jihad' happy. "They have so much hatred towards Lord Ram that they rejected the invitation (for consecration ceremony)." Whereas Iqbal Ansari, who fought against Ram Mandir in court, attended the ceremony, he said.

Modi alleged "INDI Alliance" leaders openly say Ram Mandir is "useless". One Congress leader said there was a discussion on how to overturn the court verdict and send Ram Lalla back to the tent, the PM said. "Will you make the poisonous politics of Congress and INDI alliance a success." Haryana Chief Minister Nayab Singh Saini and the BJP's Lok Sabha poll candidate from Sonipat Mohan Lal Badoli were also on the stage.

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