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Mamata Banerjee lambasts Narendra Modi over increasingly blatant communal remarks, label them 'dangerous'

Mamata also accused BJP of being anxious and unsure of outcome of ongoing general election

Meghdeep Bhattacharyya Calcutta Published 24.04.24, 10:22 AM
Mamata Banerjee at the campaign rally in Birbhum’s Hansan on Tuesday

Mamata Banerjee at the campaign rally in Birbhum’s Hansan on Tuesday Picture by Prankrishna Hazra

Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday lambasted Narendra Modi and Amit Shah over their increasingly blatant communal remarks and labelled them “dangerous".

Mamata also accused the BJP of being anxious and unsure of the outcome of the ongoing general election.


Two days after Prime Minister Modi’s statement in Rajasthan’s Banswara and shortly after Union home minister Shah’s comments in North Dinajpur’s Raiganj, the Bengal chief minister said she did not even want to repeat what they said, but the statements saddened her.

“The BJP is so anxious, so uncertain of the outcome of these current elections, that they have been issuing dangerous statements. I do not want to repeat what they have been saying, and enhance the divisions,” said Mamata at Hansan of Birbhum on Tuesday afternoon.

“It makes me sad, the words uttered by the prime minister and the Union home minister. In the days ahead, they will have to pay dearly for these things. One cannot have elections conducted, or uphold humanity, by sowing the seeds of division,” added the Trinamool Congress chief, who accused Modi of prioritising the role of being Prochar Babu (implying his alleged craving for publicity) than of being the nation’s premier.

On Sunday, Modi had controversially said that the Congress manifesto pledged to confiscate citizens’ assets, including mangalsutras of “mothers and sisters”, and distribute them among Muslims. The Congress has denied this.

Modi had also claimed his predecessor Manmohan Singh had said that minorities had the first right over the nation’s resources, and implied Muslims produced more children and were infiltrators.

On Tuesday, Shah spoke of the implementation of the amended citizenship law to add that the BJP-led Centre (in its third consecutive term) would permanently stop infiltration in Bengal if the party wins 30-plus Lok Sabha seats from the state. He also played the Hanuman Jayanti and the Ram temple cards to polarise votes in Malda and North Dinajpur, districts with around 50 per cent minority population.

“They only want to seize everybody’s rights. It seems that everyone has to wear, eat, and do according to their wishes. They will erode the identities of the richly diverse ethos of our numerous communities,” Mamata said.

“We want roti, kapda, makaan for our people. One cannot be a true leader by spending crores and crores on advertisements or by dividing the country. If Prochar Babu comes back to power again, there will be no more elections. They will take away everybody’s rights,” Mamata said. “The masses are concerned about these disturbing developments. They are not saying anything aloud, but quietly taking matters into their own hands by exercising the power of votes. The people of our country are now ready to bid farewell to the BJP.”

Mamata once again accused the CPM and the Congress of having colluded with the BJP for Trinamool's defeat.

“The CPM and the Congress are fighting against Trinamool and acting as the BJP’s eyes in Bengal. The BJP has joined hands with them here to split votes, to ensure Trinamool’s defeat,” she said.

“In Bengal, we don’t have any connection with the CPM, as we have seen their brutality for 34 years. The state unit of the Congress abuses us daily here, as the BJP’s friends,” she added. “When we win, we will bring the INDIA bloc to power at the Centre.”

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