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Mohit Manocha's social media content is everything about exploring new places

Published 27.05.22, 03:38 PM

Can you believe it's been years since Mohit Manocha put everything on the line to pursue his love for travelling? Since then, he has seen more than 25 countries and toured the most desired destinations in the world. While Mohit started travelling to find his solace, he also thought of sharing his journey with everyone, and that's when he began travel vlogging.

Mohit started his YouTube journey in 2018 with his first video "Cheap International Travel", and today he has more than 800 videos with approx. 1.68 million subscribers. Moreover, each of these videos will shove you to make a booking right away and go on a trip by yourself.

Mohit takes to his YouTube channel to release a full-fledged vlog giving all the deets of his trip. Whereas on his Instagram, he posts breathtaking pictures and also shares some unknown facts about new places he visits.

From his recent trip to Nepal, Mohit Manocha made an Instagram reel featuring the Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu. He talked about the facts and myths that are linked to the temple. He also displayed and talked about Nepal's khukuri (a type of machete). Similarly, in another reel, Mohit Manocha reveals facts about the dead sea. He has also made videos talking about the CCTV cameras on a London bus, busting myths about Dubai's Burj Al-Arab Hotel and many more.

Mohit Manocha also goes by "Travelling Desi." His social media accounts are filled with hi-res photos of him scaling mountains, riding a car across city lanes, and relaxing in caves and mountain huts. Mohit is known for illustrating the pictures of the location in the most authentic way. One look at his Instagram and you too will want to go to that place.

If you are planning to visit different countries, we suggest you first take a look at Mohit Manocha's travel vlog for detailed knowledge of how to go, where to go, etc. The travel vlogger gained a tremendous spotlight after his motorhome tour diary. His tour destinations include Paris, Sweden, Dubai, Thailand, Jordan, Budapest, Canada, Cuba, Bangkok, Prague, Amsterdam, Belgium, Paris, Austria, and the list goes on

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