The t2 campus team lists 12 apps to make your life easy

Attendance Manager

  • Published 23.05.18


Many of us hate attending classes but have to maintain 75 per cent attendance at the end of the semester. Download Attendance Manager to keep track of how many classes you have attended and how many classes you can afford to miss. All you need to do is log in inputs every time you attend a lecture, and you’ll soon be breezing through the year.
Available on: Android. In iOS you can use Bunk Manager


Are you juggling assignments and classes and going crazy? This app allows you to keep a track of homework, assignments, classes and exams. You can create an organised timetable with reminders for deadlines and it will make sure you are on time for class. It makes our lives a lot easier and saves us from last-minute disastrous situations.
Available on: Android


Keeping the phone away while studying is a difficult job! Forest makes it easy for us to cut off from the outside world. You can set your study time (maximum two hours) during which the app will block you from using other apps (you are only allowed to take calls). They plant a seed at the start of your study time, during which the seed grows into a tree and you earn coins. But if you exit the app to do anything else, the tree dies. These trees are added to your forest. 
You can even share and compete with your friends. You can also assign breaks, after which the app will notify you to get back to your books. At the end of the day, you will get to know how long you could maintain focus. You can set sound effects, which will play during study time. You can use your earned coins to purchase different types of trees, such as a lemon tree or a tree house or bushes and shrubs. What a fun way to keep distractions away!
Available on: Android and iOS


Replace your diary with Evernote. It lets you create a to-do list, record notes, jot down plans so that you don’t forget, and work on projects where you can attach links and pictures which the app will compile into a folder. You can also set reminders and make sketches. It allows you to create groups with other people. So from discussions to sharing class notes, every thing is now sorted.
Available on: Android and iOS


Arithmetic to trigonometry to algebra, mathematics can be a nightmare. But there is a solution to our nightmare! We just have to scan and upload the toughest mathematics problem and Photomath will solve it for us. It will not only give us the answer but also the steps to solve it. It has a feature that recognises handwriting. 
Available on: Android and iOS


If waking up for morning classes is a difficult task, download I Can’t Wake Up. No matter how many alarms we set at night, we end up reaching out for the snooze button. This app does not let you do that. It will not stop ringing till you solve a puzzle and by the time you are done solving, you are already up! They have a series of puzzles to choose from. The app also allows you to schedule holidays. On those days the alarm will remain off and you can enjoy sound sleep.
Available on: Android. In iOS you can use I Can’t Wake Up! Alarm Clock


This app can be your guide/buddy if you travel by bus. The app lets you know the buses available on a particular route and their schedules; you can also track a bus before leaving home. Live traffic updates are available. Don’t like crowded buses? The colour of the bus icon in the app will indicate the crowd factor in a bus. Red is when all seats are occupied and standing is difficult, yellow is when the bus is semi-crowded and green is when there are empty seats. All these facilities are available at night too. For safety, you can share your information with others, who can track your bus.
Available on: Android and iOS


Internship is what we all strive to add in our portfolios. Frapp is the go-to app when you are searching for internships, part-time jobs and campus ambassador programme opportunities. It also has a host of student discounts for cafes, hotels, e-commerce, salons, clinics, flights, mobile recharge and more. You can create your timetable and keep an eye on your attendance too.
Available on: Android and iOS


Friday night and have no plans with your gang? LBB is here to the rescue! Little Black Book is a one-stop shop for everything awesome to do in the city. From discovering nearby restaurants, bars, spas and fitness studios to marking our interests for future updates, this app has it all. It also lets us post our local discoveries for others to check out. All in all, you shouldn’t have an excuse to not go out this weekend. This app is available in Delhi, Gurugram, Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa, Pune, Chennai and Calcutta.
Available on: Android and iOS


You don’t have to run to the cyber cafe anymore to get your documents scanned; instead, download Camscanner. It not only allows you to capture documents and make it look identical to scanned copies, it also saves the documents in formats like jpeg and pdf. You can also combine documents together and share it through WhatsApp or mail.
Available on: Android and iOS


This app allows you to use your phone while listening to music on YouTube. This app is the solution to an age-old problem. You can even create your own playlists.
Available on: Android


Keeping a track of periods is a little difficult, especially with our hectic schedules. This app tracks one’s cycle and predicts the next period cycle based on the average of the last three months. You can also record details like heavy flow and cramps.
Available on: Android. In iOS, you can use Period Tracker Lite.

Compiled by Madhumita Ghosh, Ravjit Singh, Manjis Kar and Vedant Karia
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