Technology is hurting jobs in developing countries

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  • Published 12.06.18


Necessary skill

Technology is the result of scientific knowledge being used for practical purposes.  In order to compete globally, technology is important. We now need skilled people who can handle technology and who will be better paid. In short, technology will be beneficial only in the long run.

Ankita Mondal, 
Second year, Jadavpur 
University, Calcutta

Generates new jobs

Say, on an average, 10 individuals lose their jobs due to technological development. But, in order to develop and maintain that technology, a new company has to be formed, which will employ hundreds of people. So we cannot say that technology is hurting jobs.

Jotiraditya Banerjee, 
St Joseph’s School , Siliguri

Tech needs people

We cannot depend a 100 per cent on any technology. For example, even now aeroplanes cannot depend completely on the auto-pilot system; pilots are needed on planes because sometimes they have to fly manually. Likewise, we still need people to make tech work for us.

Riju Das, 
Class X, Chakdaha Ramlal Academy, Nadia

Boosts the economy

Developing countries are in search of a boost to their system, which is provided by an efficient technology. Without  that, it will be difficult for them to get out of their rut.

Farheen Ali, 
Class XI, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Latehar, 


Destroys jobs

Technology and automation will indeed destroy jobs and there will be no new jobs for an increasing number of human hands to do in the traditional sense. On top of that, computers can do any repetitive task that a human can do and do it better — and at a lower cost — depriving the common masses of a living. 

Debasarathi Sen, 
Class XI, Don Bosco School, Calcutta

Robots are better

In this era of artificial intelligence, robots can accomplish repetitive tasks with immense accuracy and speed, which pose a great threat to human employment, playing havoc with the already huge problem of unemployment.

Patrali Pradhan, 
Third year, Bethune College, Calcutta

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