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By Kusum Bhandari on the week ahead
  • Published 10.06.12

(January 20-February 18)

Job-seekers need to be more cautious now as job opportunities may not deliver what they promise. It is advisable to do proper research. New vistas and dimensions of love are opening up — with someone new or in a current relationship.

(February 19-March 20)

This week will get off to a lively start. There will be plenty of scope for making your business more profitable. There can be a development that brings your partner and you a lot closer. You’ll be seeking new and unique ways of expressing yourself.

(March 21-April 20)

Your career might make some demands on you that you’ll find annoying. This could lead to a few disagreements on the work front. Just be careful that you don’t react to things in a more emotional manner than is necessary. This is also not the time for jumping to conclusions or making wild judgments.

(April 21-May 20)

The time is right for contacting people in key positions living or working in distant places. Any new challenges that you have set for yourself should be handled with patience. Now is the time to prove yourself. So, don’t give up too easily.

(May 21-June 20)

You’ll be filled with energy and vitality. This is the perfect opportunity to get new schemes off the ground and also to take the initiative in anything that you feel strongly about. But be careful as you might be quite vociferous and could overstep the mark.

(June 21-July 20)

You will be ready to scale the heights where your career is concerned. Finances are also going to be extra strong this week. Sudden financial gains cannot be ruled out. Now is the time to cultivate your social skills and revamp your image.

(July 21-August 20)

A short journey could turn out to be to your liking. There are gains to be made if you ring the changes in any way you can and don’t be held back by the negative attitudes of people. You might face certain work-related anxieties towards the middle of the week.

(August 21-September 20)

A new boost to your romantic life comes along now. To make the most of this, concentrate on the relationship with your partner and spend time in their company. It is of utmost important to maintain family harmony for some time to come.

(September 21-October 20)

Ideally, you should devote yourself to your home and family as much as possible as inner peace is most important for outer success. Do not ignore your love life. Your capacity to reach out to and understand others should work in your favour and really help to increase your effectiveness right now.

(October 21-November 20)

If you want to make the most of this week you must drop all routine chores in favour of having a good time. Luck is on your side now and you can afford to take some chances. Loved ones ought to be especially easy to deal with.

(November 21-December 20)

What you learn now could prove to be both fascinating and useful. Ask yourself if you are using your capabilities and talent to the fullest. Now is a good time to approach people in positions of authority. It might be a hectic period for students and artists.

(December 21-January 19)

There could be a minor sense of rivalry amongst co-workers. There is a need to manage finances better. Even if you don’t go on a strict economy drive, you should think seriously whether or not it’s time to cut down on some of your expenses.